Replica Louis Vuitton purses being sold in Los Angeles County Craigslist

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  1. I have been searching the pages of Craigslist for years and occasionally finding myself a beautiful purse for a great price. Lately I've noticed the our overseas countries are getting really good at replicating these beautiful Louis Vuitton purses even getting the pattern count right. I've also noticed people on Craigslist in the Los Angeles county areas selling these fake purses and fooling people into purchasing them thinking they're authentic. I know times are tough and as a woman/ man we love our designer purses but please don't be fooled into purchasing one! Please have it authenticated by one of the wonderful people on TPF before purchasing or have the person you are meeting with go with you to the LV store to verify if you are unsure. I've come up with a list from the LA county Craigslist of people whom are selling replica purses. They are as follows...

    The people with the speedy, trevi and artsy are the ones to look out for!

    Good luck!
  2. I would post that in the "Report the LV" thread in the pinned section. Feels like advertising here.
  3. Thx for the info. This is scary. That artsy with the box and receipt look real to me. This is why I love shopping for new bags in the boutique.
  4. Same here with any brand.

  5. Yes a few people that met with her said that it was an actual receipt and box sha has from an authentic one. She just purchases fakes and had proof from an actual LV from her collection. When asks to verify at the LV store, she and her husband/ significant other speed away in a different direction!
  6. Wow this is sad because some people out there can't distinguish between fake and authentic
  7. Scary cuz people consider craigslist when there are tons of reputable resellers with good return policies if it's discovered to be fake.
  8. It's super scary... I love your collection btw
  9. How did you get in contact with other people who have met with this seller?
  10. I'd have a hard time telling the difference. Obviously, if it's a bad replica, but if they're pretty good, I don't know a lot about LV since I'm new. I'd never buy second-hand, too risky. I guess it's worth the extra $$$ to buy from the boutique. Plus, that feeling you get while waiting for them to box up your bag is worth it :smile:
  11. There were quite a few angry people that posted their thoughts on the " clothes and accessories" area on Craigslist. I had a friend that Was interested in a speedy they were selling. She met with her and she had the same story as others. The sad part is that they've been doing this since last December and the same pictures and posts pop up on CL every time. It's just so sad because people work hard for their purses and there are people out there that like to scam them.
  12. In this case it was definitely worth it to purchase it from the boutique became the price they were asking for wasn't very far from purchasing it from the boutique.
  13. ^ wow, what a scam! :tdown:
  14. Those are some good fakes!! Some of them would have fooled me.
    Hopefully these people will meet KARMA one day!
  15. +1
    That's why I don't like Pre-owned !!!
    I'm scared !!!! :P