"Replica" jewelry?

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  1. I'm wondering what you guys think of getting an inexpensive copy, or a copy made of different materials, of an expensive piece of designer jewelry you own?

    For example, you may have a precious piece of jewelry but are nervous about traveling with it so you have a less expensive replica made for such occasions (marked in some way so that it wouldn't be salable as a fake). Or you may want a version of your piece made with blue sapphires instead if diamonds.

    Are either of these allowable? Would a jeweler/craftsperson take such a commission?
  2. I have a girlfriend that had a replica of her engagement ring made. She works with small children and is always doing things with her hands, so she didn't want to damage her actual ring. The replica looks fantastic and I think wearing it to work is a great idea.
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  3. I wouldn't travel with a fake a thief won't necessarily know it's a fake and many other counties don't wear as much if any engagement ring bling. Why make yourself a target if you don't have to. For stateside I got a CZ ring for my old part time job. I also got a 2 dollar thin tungsten band that is what I wear when I travel. That way if someone held the store up they'd be coming away with 20 worth instead of my irreplaceable sentimental value set.

    You could try Etsy for custom replicas maybe? I know they do a lot of custom orders over there.
  4. It's quite common. In past centuries, people had paste jewels made to resemble existing pieces. Many celebs nowadays wear them too.

    Depending on the design, I think most jewelers will accommodate these, as many designs aren't original anyway. They often get asked for six-prong engagement settings or small bezel-set diamond necklaces. It will depend on their skillset though too. There's certain pieces I just wouldn't get because I'd fear the quality wouldn't be there or because they're just too recognizable. I'd probably allow the jeweler artistic freedom to make it unique.

    Any pieces in particular of which you're thinking?
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    I personally would not spend money on, or wear a replica so I would rather wear my jewelry or not wear them when I travel.
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  6. I have my e-ring insured so I don't worry about it when I travel. Then again, I have little sentimental attachment to it.
  7. I don't know I've always been torn!
  8. Look up wink cz, he makes a lot of styles and can most likely customize something for you. It's not cheap, but it's much less than a typical e-ring. Or you could just get something from berricle for under 100. I had something from both places, for back when DH & I ran our pizza place & each did the job. I don't see a problem with it. Just don't be too scared to wear your real ring & lock it up forever. That would be a shame
  9. As someone who lost her engagement ring before the wedding, I would recommend you have the jewellery insured and then pick on the very few items to wear everyday. The lost rings or jewellery stories are endless. I personally wouldn't like to wear a replica, even an expensive one of my jewellery. Precious stones and metal have energy, and you connect with them sentimentally. Fake ones don't have that and you attract thieves easily.
  10. I have a USD150 1.5 carat solitaire ring from Carat* London that I wear when traveling. I don't have to worry about loosing or misplacing it. Just treat it as costume jewelry.
  11. I don't like replicas. Those are stolen ideas. Some designer came up with a certain design, and somebody copies it. No go imo. There's so much beautiful custom jewelry, why not wear a piece that's made of somebody's unique idea?
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  12. I love my e-ring but am nervous when I travel internationally, even insured. I have a sapphire ring and a diamond eternity ring I'll wear in place of my wedding set. Still beautiful pieces but I wouldn't be completely devastated if they were lost.
  13. When I was after princess cut diamond studs, I bought a few pairs of Diamonique ones from QVC to try out carat weights and learned my 2 CTW dream pair just looked too big on my ears. After I got my real studs, I kept the fakes for travel. They look nice for dinner on a cruise or at a nice restaurant but if I lose them there is no financial or sentimental loss. I will also travel with fake pearl strands vs my genuine cultured pearls for the same reason.

    I wouldn't pay to have a replica made of a piece I own but that is just me not wanting to pay twice. However so many department stores have pieces inspired by designer pieces it is not hard to find a good "cousin" to a designer piece to wear traveling.

    Personally, I leave my good stuff home when vacationing. I would beat myself up for losing it, making it that much worse of an experience.
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  14. I'm more of a fatalist: whatever will be, will be. You could go on vacation with a replica and have your home robbed while you're away. My jewelry is for wearing, not for sitting in a safe, so i have no use for a replica. I say this as someone who lost a 2ct diamond when it fell out of its setting. But that's what insurance is for.
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  15. I agree with you. I have these gold studs that I can't seem to lose, no matter how badly I 'mistreat' them.

    I toss them into random bags, fling them on my dresser & they always survive. [emoji848]
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