Replica I didn't know of

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  1. Hi all LV lovers, I have quite a sad story... well at least that somehow made out of balance. So, recently my bf gave me a totally new in a full brand box and even package LV bag. I knew, currently it's something he can't afford and I'm quite ok with buying it to myself but guess because of our friends (husband got a limited LV bag to his wife, he is a lawyer and has lot of money)... Maybe my bf felt uncomfortable. I didn't notice any fakeness in the bag until I met a girl at my work with the same model. There were some differences that pointed out its fakeness... I want to repeat that don't mind if he's not buying me LV at all since I can afford it myself, but do you guys think I should tell him about it? Now I can't even keep it together with my other LVs, What should I do and would you do?
  2. Are you 100% sure it’s fake? You said you compared it with a friend’s but sometimes there are small differences in canvas depending on the season. Well, did it not come with a receipt?

    Hmm this is a tough one. I personally wouldn’t say anything to him. I think it’s probably like you said, he wanted to give you a LV bag even if he can’t afford one, as a gift seeing that you like handbags and your friends are receiving them from their men as well. I would just think of it him being considerate but I think if you confront him about it it might damage his ego and possibly the relationship? I don’t know how serious yours is but I wouldn’t have the heart to embarrass him. I personally would rather let the bag sit in the corner of my closet and keep it to myself.
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  3. I would be worried that he paid big money for a replica.
    Maybe suss him out and see if he knows or not? If he knew then leave it but if he didn’t then he needs to get a refund! Replicas can be expensive.
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  4. I totally agree with every single word being said here. Does he good enough in determining what is a true lv and which one might be fake? Furthermore, it's quite possible the same model having some very slight differences and if you as a real lv fan couldn't notice it from the very beginning perhaps it's not a replica at all.... but even if so, I wouldn't keep it away from other bags, that'd look just weird
  5. Are you sure your coworker's isn't fake?
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  6. Maybe the bag you were comparing it with is a replica. There are so many scenarios that could be at play really.
  7. This is an exciting thread. I would so love to see both the bag an the packaging :smile:
  8. Why don't you ask him which store he purchased from because you want to get a charm or something to match the bag.
  9. I would verify first whether it is a replica.
    If so, would your BF knowingly buy a replica? Have you ever had discussions about this?

    I told my fiancé (who is not into designer bags) long ago about all the replicas floating around so he would never attempt to buy me anything LV unless it came directly from LV. I would never want him to get scammed & he knows I don’t purchase or use replicas & he knows how I feel about them.

    But I know some people have no problem purchasing, using, & gifting replica bags.

    First things 1st - get it authenticated.
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  10. I agree with @kbell in getting it authenticated first. Unless if there are obvious signs, make sure before you do anything else.

    Then I'd talk to him, probably by asking from where he purchased it and take it from there. If he said a non-reputable site, I'd mention that I'd avoid buying from there as there are a lot of counterfeits and what your concerns are with fakes. I wouldn't want him spending money he doesn't have on fakes. If he said LV, that would be a different conversation.. Love and support go both ways and I want to be with someone who will respect me enough to emotionally support my decision to carry only authentic goods and not to try to deceive me. I'd much rather have an honest partner.
  11. What did he tell you when he gifted this to you? He must have said something about it.

    Anyway, he's not made of tissue paper, you can have a grownup conversation on the issue if it does prove to be a fake. Especially, you wouldn't want him to have been defrauded, I'm sure.
  12. Without thinking through this too much. And of course only having my own relationship with my spouse to base this on.

    I would take it into the boutique and ask them. If they said it was fake I would replace it right there and never tell my :heart:
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  13. I believe that all relationships are built on honesty and should have open communication. With that being said, if I were in your situation, I’d just ask my husband. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your boyfriend right out just have the bag authenticated for your peace of mind.
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  14. Some do but most replicas don't come with all the LV packaging. I would definitely get it authenticated. If it turns out to be the real deal you never need to tell him about your suspicions. If it is not, you need to have a conversation with him. If he didn't know it was a fake, maybe he can recover his money. If he did know it was fake, he needs to know that this is not something you want.
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  15. just to add to my above comment. In my case, If my husband were to buy me a Louis Vuitton. It would probably be a once in a lifetime special gift. He would only buy something he thought was genuine. So if it turned out to be fake it would be because he was duped and in way over his head. I would just replace it. It wouldn't be worth it to me to take away from the specialness of this one time event. But, if your husband is the type to continue to buy you LV, buy fakes, or maybe this wasn't really special. Then I would be more straightforward and nip this in the bud.