Replica / Fake BBags spotted at Boutique. What should I do?

  1. I know there are fakes galore here in LA in the low-end clothing stores near the garment district (and elsewhere), but I spotted these bags in a boutique today on a pretty high-end shopping street. They have several fake/replica City's, and also a few of what looks like a feeble attempt at a Fendi Spy.

    BTW, they have a few authentic designer bags on sale (such as Carlos Falchi), so my feeling is that they now are putting their dollars into buying 'replicas', instead of investing in authentic goods.

    My question to all you ladies is, do I say something to manager, ie, express my displeasure that they would stoop to selling such crappy bags? Or is selling 'replicas' okay with everyone? My concern is that the merchandise in this store is at a high enough price point thatsome people MIGHT think they are authentic.

    ps: maybe I shoudla done a poll, but I don't know how!
  2. Are they marketing them as real Balenciaga bags with tags and everything, or are they just considered Bbag-style? If they actually have tags proclaiming them to be the real thing, I defintely think you should say something, b/c that's false advertising!
  3. IMHO, I think that anytime someone sells something fake, and real items as well, that they are completely unreputable and should be reported to BBB. If they sell all fakes, and their name is say "Fakes R Us" well then buyer beware... But in a trendy upscale area with scattered authenticity and high prices-sounds like they are trying to rake some poor unsuspecting person over the coals for a back-alley Bal. Did the sales people describe them as authentic, cause maybe the manager is running his own little skimming scam and the others are unaware. Maybe I am a bit of a Debbie Downer, assuming the worst, but I'd rather be safe than stuck with a $1000 piece of some thrift store couch. Tell 'em off, turn 'em in!
  4. there are at least 2 stores with in walking distance to Barneys bev hills which have fake bals. i have seen both stores and they regularly carry the, in fact, they are usually featued in their windows. the Barneys SA told me they represent them as real to tourists who dont know any better. i have never gone in these stores or examined bags closely. they have been there for years. there are also stores in bev hills that sell fendi spy bags within a block of fendi rodeo. very strange in my opinion but consistently done.:wtf:
  5. I'm curious about the outcome. I've heard there's a boutique in my town that sells fake b-bags too. I don't know which one, but there are several candidates that come to mind.

    If I ever wander in I would be tempted to say something, but I don't know what to say. And since I wouldn't be a regular customer - why would they listen to me? Most of the boutiques in my town are owned by very upscale women (married to bond traders/lawyers/Ibankers) who keep a store open for 2-3 years just to have something to do. Those boutiques come and go, come and, why would they care, exactly? If there's some demand are they REALLY concerned about trademarks or some other concept? I think I'd feel like a fool...:sad:
  6. I agree, I talk a mean talk, but I would not know what to say. Maybe telling the BBB that the store is misrepresenting false products would be enough, and they would be warned and cited?
  7. Right, so then it's 'buyer beware'? I totally get what you're saying, chaussure, and I guess it's a question of ethics: is the store representing them as real? If they're just selling replicas and not claiming that they're real, I guess I can live with that, altho I don't like it. However, if the tags say Balenciaga, then I think that's totally uncool, and I will mention it. Blech!:throwup:
  8. Hi tweetie,
    I don't know. I'll have to check. But I go to that area all the time, and I will, for sure.
  9. Hi reovi,
    Yeah, that's my particular beef about this store. Since there's a mixture of high end clothes and authentic bags, an unsuspecting customer might just assume they were real. Most people don't really know much about the brand, or even how much it costs. They just know sort of what it looks like. But the proof will be in finding out how they're labeled and priced.
  10. bbag, keep us posted with your investigative reporting.:yes: ...on another side note, lisa rinna's boutique and intution, both which cater to the stars used to carry tammy lynn bags. i call them tammy baye fakers. anyway, thats probably where nicole got her fakies from. the ones in bev hills, i dont know waht they are... in nyc they sell fake bals in pushcarts in the street, in LA they sell fake bals in stores in high end real estate shopping areas and in miami, fake bal bags are sold from car trunks in parking lots...... and then there is ebay for everyone else who cant access these places directly and wants to be scammed with fake bals!!:hysteric:
  11. There is a store in my town that sells B-bag-alikes (and they have the audacity to put them in a display case, like they are valuable or something :rolleyes: ). They are selling the bags for $300 but if you ask if they are Balenciaga, the SAs will tell you "No". The bags do not have Balenciaga tags (or prices), so it isn't a big deal to me.

    I think it depends on whether the bags are being marketed as B-bags and if they are selling them at B-bag prices.
  12. You crack me up! OMG, the Tami (fayebaker) Lyn's! :roflmfao: I forgot about those. Are they still made?
  13. bbag, i dont know but nicole owns a bunch.:shrugs:
  14. check the balenciaga stire they are totally against it and they wanna know when u see one
  15. I had seen a fake Bbag in a consignment store a couple of weeks ago. It was a fake Balenciaga first with silver hardware. It was displayed behind the counter with other designer bags surrounding it. I looked at it and it had completely square bales and the leather felt gross and super stiff!

    I told the manager, " I'm not trying to be rude but this bag is a fake." She was so defensive- very nice but insistant that it was real. She said the lady who brought in the bag gives the store many bags to sell. She is a very wealthy woman, she travels all over, etc. and there is no way it is fake. I was like,"okay- but I'm sure this is fake"...and I explained to her why.

    What could I do? She would not believe me and how could I prove it?

    It was funny b/c the bag had the Balenciaga card with the black thread and pin and it had the other card that says 123456789- but it did not have the other card- don't know what these are called.