Replica bag clubs/forums - oh lol!

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  1. So I was googling arbitrary stuff & came upon a site where they do reviews on replica bags & have replica people get togethers.

    I just find it so odd!

    One post -that made me smile :

    Just doing a small follow up report of our Vegas meetup when S
    came to town & R was kind enough to host a BBQ with lots of food & cupcakes at her house! IN attendance was R& her hubby, 5 & her hubby, Ria_BS, Runy_brm & her hubby, A, A & I. There were definately a lot of Jacky bags.

    The next day we hit the mall, mainly the LV & stores where we manhandled every bag we got our hands on. It was pretty funny as we all critiqued stuff & we'd all make a circle around the bag & then compare our reps to it, lol. All the SA's at the various stores were really nice & treated us as if we were going to possibly buy something.

    We were all carrying our reps of course (our best reps, not bad ones). We saw a LOT of flaws in the authentic products as well as inconsistancies & we debunked a lot of myths IMHO.

    Maybe we should all go shopping at LV for new LVs carrying replicas - we might get good treatment too
  2. How rude!! The nerve of these people. They should do research on the business of making of these fakes. I think the workers who make the fakes are treated very poorly. I would never purposely buy a fake for that reason.
  3. Some people are just bizarre ������
  4. Truly strange. The kicker is they received good customer service.
  5. Can't they find a better hobby than that?
  6. Now that's just strange. They need to get a life and also educate themselves on buying fakes.
  7. This shows that the store they went into is truly high class and treats all their customers the same. I give the SAs a lot of respect for that.
  8. These people are just ignorant to how much harm buying fakes causes
  9. I just think it's ironic because the people that buy the real thing cannot get good customer service to save their lives.
    But I would be curious to know what these ladies consider good treatment.
  10. Wow!
  11. Ah, the SAs at my local LV treat everyone very well... no matter what you look like, what you're buying, etc. I've had good luck.
  12. "They saw a lot of flaws in the authentic products." Oh my, the entire 'fake bag' is one huge flaw, IMO!!!!! :confused1:
  13. I know I have seen bad replicas as I did see one today...I would actually like to really see a grade A fake and inspect it....I have had jealous ones school me on how perfect they are while nit picking on my authentic....funny how only by mouth the best of the fakes are sooooo good...they can never have it for me to for me these awesome perfect fakes that can't be told apart from their real counterparts is all uban legend...
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  14. Wow I never thought of that, but you are so right!! :smile:
  15. shame shame shame on those ladies