Replating Gold Hardware

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  1. Hi there,

    My mom gave me one of her well loved Chanel drawstring bags. The lambskin is actually in really good shape but the plating has worn off. I took it into Chanel and they told me that it can not be serviced by Chanel because the serial number is too worn to make out. So, I was hoping that someone knew of a service that will replate the gold. I googled and searched the forum but couldn't find anyone who would be willing to do a handbag. One guy said he could redo the chain but would have to undo the the woven leather but could not put it back together afterwards. Any suggestions?
  2. I don't know which Chanel store you took it to, but that's totally not true; there are ways to authenticate a bag that don't involve reading the serial number. You might try contacting Chanel corporate and let them know what's going on. If you go the route of the guy doing the chain, Chanel should absolutely do the leather reweaving. I'd try sending Chanel an email rather than calling, as writing will often get their attention more. They have a facebook page, too.
  3. Thanks Tutushopper. I went to the Chanel on Bloor St. in Toronto and the SA said that the bag was "very old" and she couldn't read the serial number so she couldn't help. She then told me to use a leather repair service down the street but they don't do replating. She really look annoyed that I was even asking about having the bag serviced. She just wanted me out of there, or so I felt. I find the SAs in the US to be much more helpful then the Canadian SAs. I'll try to email their corporate offices tonight. Thanks again.
  4. I had the exact same experience, brought in 2 bags & was told both could not be serviced. I think it's best to take to a US store. Was the place she recommended creeds?
  5. Hi there, she suggested Kaner's Handbags & Shoe Repair at 110 Bloor St. I've used them before with only okay results. They don't do replating and the guy at the desk was surprised that the Chanel SA sent me there. The SAs on Bloor street are really horrible to work with. I was wearing one of my Jumbos when I went it so clearly I enjoy Chanel. The SAs only seem to care about their commission and since I was just there for service and not to buy a new bag they wanted me out of there. Ironically, their attitude is the reason I always buy my bags in the US. I bought a jumbo and a GST in 2013 all in the States, I would have bought then in Toronto but the service is always so snobby.
  6. By the way what reason did they give you for not wanting to service the bag?
  7. I would love to know about replating myself for a non-Chanel bag.
  8. Rago Brothers accepts mail orders and they do chain replating, but I don't know how good the replating is. I prefer to use the Chanel Spa, I only had one Chanel bag cleaned by them.
  9. For the vintage they said it was too old which I don't understand bc it was late 80s early 90s. The jumbo they said they couldn't fix the fading in the corners. I think they just have horrible cs at that location.
  10. Just wanted to update you because you've always been so helpful. I sent an email through and I got a response that was less than satisfying. They said that it is "left to each boutique's discretion" as to what bags they will send into service. So I guess that means I have to go to the US to try again. I really don't think we should have to go to another country to try to receive fair service. This is almost as bad as my attempt to get my luggage tote repaired by Celine. As a result I vowed not to buy Celine again. I'm a little to Chanel obsessed to make any such declaration; but this is really trying.
  11. I'm not sure what you need done but Kaner's is okay if you need leather restoration. Otherwise the both the Saks and the Neiman Marcus at Somerset Collection in Troy MI will send bags in for service. Somerset Collection is about 4 hours from Toronto so I think it's the closest location you can find. Good Luck.