Replacing Zipper Pull

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  1. the trocadero just has the metal pull, right? if so, that's probably part of the difference. the mc speedy also has the piece of the lock on the end of the pull. i'm not terribly surprised that it is so much.
  2. The $50 quote for the Trocadero was for the entire zipper (not just the pull). My guess would be that it would be free just to replace the pull. However, I hear what you're saying about extra cost for the MC pull since -- definitely more unique than the regular speedy...
  3. I was pretty bummed too --originally the SA said it would be free. I guess it was because the bag is out of the warranty period. It would be nice if --when the bag is ready---they tell me they made a mistake and it's free:biggrin:
  4. Now I realize this is years later but it's still relevant. I had a situation where my ex husband still has a lot of my things (never get divorced in a state with a slow family court system) including a big part of my vintage LV collection. I got some back and his wife had either cut or torn off every leather on the zipper pull. I recently brought in a 25 from 1982. My SA checked and it would be $30 and they had to order it. When I got it back all was fine. Then I got an online survey about my experience & praised all. I just got an email from my SA that I should bring in all my sad Speedys and they would happily fix them for free. How's that for service. And LV gets such a bad rep for repairs.
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  5. Where is the boutique you go to? That is an excellent service you got!
  7. I'm in South Carolina
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  8. Anyone know ballpark on an SLG- specifically the heart coin purse zipper replacement? It has the ugly glue yellowing on the white fabric so the whole zipper has to go.
  9. Hi,

    I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. I just bought a 2019 date coded LV Lena MM in DE in pre-loved, amazing condition. The seller is here in England like me, and was very helpful and accepted 875 Great British Pounds for the bag. I received it today, and it's really quite perfect in all ways except the pull tab on main zipper. One side is beautiful and smooth and perfect and the other side seems, warped a bit. Will you tell if this is normal? Is it hard to get this replaced at LV? I know I got for 135 off full retail, but I was a bit bummed.

    Thanks so much. Pic below :smile:

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  10. You can pay and have it replaced by Louis Vuitton, but it looks normal to me.