Replacing Zipper Pull

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  1. Has anyone ever replaced the zipper pull on one of their bags? I have a Cabas Piano with a broken zipper pull - the zipper itself is perfectly fine otherwise - and I am wondering how much it might cost and if it is possible to repair.

    I called LV and they of course want me to bring it in for them to see before they commit to any kind of estimate (which I understand) but I have a busy few days coming up and was hoping someone here will have had some kind of experience with this.
  2. I got charged $25 for the zipper pull on my cles. They replaced the pull and the zipper head itself.
  3. Oh, that is fantastic. I was expecting it to be much more expensive. Thanks for the fast response!!
  4. it should be free of cost...but of course there are exceptions..GL
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  5. I think it also depends on whether it is the pull, head, or whole zipper in the long run. Also, the relationship with your SA of course ;)
  6. Free would be even better - but we shall see!
  7. ^^Agreed...
  8. I'm afraid I need to go in for a zipper pull replacement as well. I was told mine would be free, but since it's epi, I would HATE to leave it with anyone out of my sight. I would be VERY upset if it got wrinkles.
  9. Hi! Emily L, I lost the pull on my Monogram Lockit Horizontal. To start with, from the time I bought the bag the pull was loose and would sometimes come off when I would zip my bag closed. I would always just snap it back in. Finally, on a trip, I was out with some friends and noticed too late that the pull was gone.
    On a subsequent business trip to Hongkong, I brought the bag to the LV boutique in Central at the Landmark building. After telling one of the SA's that I needed to have a bag repaired, I was courteously escorted by a smiling SA to the lower ground floor into a room with comfortable chairs and ushered into one. After a short wait a lady came over to me and asked to take a look at the bag. After looking it over, said she didn't think that she had any pulls for my model available but that she would check. She came back a few minutes later saying: "You are very lucky today because this is the last and only one I have for your model since your bag has been discontinued. We would have had to special order one for you from Paris...." When she put it on, she noticed that it was loose and asked if she could bring the bag into the back to have it tightened. Another few moments and my bag was returned to me as good as new... Best part was when I asked how much I owed, she said: "Oh no charge, enjoy your bag..." :smile:
    I was thinking of buying a personalized Speedy 35 that trip and the great after-sales service clinched the deal! :tup:
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  10. Wow pinkcadillac - that was amazing service! I am so glad to hear that went so well. I actually ended up selling the bag without the zipper instead of taking it in to be repaired - just wasn't using it enough to justify the trouble of going to get it fixed.
    Thanks for letting me know how well your trip went though. Maybe next time I will just go get the bag fixed!
  11. You're very welcome, Emily L. I am happy to share my great experience and "Happy bag-Ending" with you.
  12. happy for you too, Emily.

    I got my speedy from ebay, and now i realised that the leather from the pull is peeling and there is a scratch on it too.
    When i bought it, they were beautiful. I must have done it to my daily carrying.
    My heart aches looking at the peeling and the scratch. What should i do?
  13. The leather tab on my WC speedy had teeth marks on it and i brought it in to my SA. She replaced it for free and it's good as new now :smile:

  14. LV is replacing my zipper pull on my pre-loved Black MC Speedy--they're charging me $165 for it. Originally the SA thought it would be free.
  15. What? $165 for just the zipper pull? That sounds crazy. Or are they replacing the entire zipper? I just called about getting the entire zipper replaced on my trocadero and they quoted $50...