Replacing Zipper on Vintage LV

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  1. I am looking at Vintage purses, I seem to like the Vintage look:shame: One I am looking at on ebay, has a broken Zipper. They say you can take it to the LV store to be fixed. I also would want the inside to be cleaned fomr the pen marks.

    A. How much would the zipper tab cost to be replaced. (Estimate)

    B. How much would it take for it to be cleaned

    C. Would it look funny to replace the handles,the leather next to it where the handles hold,that can't be replaced can it? Would it look funny to have new handles?

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  2. I have an LV purse that the zipper broke 4 years ago. I was living in Australia at that time and took the purse to the nearest LV store. They change the zipper at no cost. I don't know if it is the same here in US or not. I suggest that you call one of the LV store near your area. G'luck!
  3. For some reason I remember hearing somewhere that Louis Vuitton will not touch anything made by The French Co.. Maybe I was wrong? I would call Vuitton though, just to ask and make sure.
  4. Hi I'm new to this forum,

    I replaced a vintage keepall's zipper a year ago and the LV store in Paris charged me 60 euros and they gave me a new padlock.
  5. ;) french co? What exactly did the French CO do for louis vuitton? And why wouldn't they touch it? I'm confused?
  6. I bought a vintage speedy on ebay and took it into Louis Vuitton yesterday to get the zipper replaced. They told me they wouldn't replace it b/c the canvas was cracking near the zipper where they would need to do the sewing. They told me to go get it done somewhere else b/c they weren't going to touch it. So be careful. Look at the canvas near the zipper really carefully before purchasing.

    However, I had heard from somebody else that replacing a zipper at LV costs around $30 - but I don't know for sure.