Replacing your duvet...

  1. How often should you or do you replace your actual duvet?
    No the cover the be actual duvet.
  2. I replace mine seasonally.
  3. You get a brand new down comforter every season??

    Hmm... I kept mine for a few years before getting a new one. Some people I Know have kept theirs even longer. I always thought with regular cleanings and stuff like that it would last for a lon time. Sometimes they start to lose the down or I had a cheap one in college that shifted a lot, but I was always under the impression if you bought a good one it would last for a long time!
  4. Damn! I couldnt afford to replace my 400$ duvet seasonally :wtf:
  5. I think its time, I've had mine for 5 yrs now. I guess i've got my monies worth :yes:.
    Plus I just went to a king bed so the queen just doesnt fit!

    I do switch out the duvet cover, for spring summer and fall winter.
    Just dont need one as heavy for summer as for the winter but thats about it.
  6. By seasonally, I mean I have different weights as well as several lovely (and pricey) duvets to choose from. Heavier for cold weather, light for warmer weather. I like to get a new ones as I do not like the way down smells after being stored for a few months - GAG!
  7. questions:
    how do you store a heavy duvet for the summer?
    can a down filled duvet be dry cleaned? if so, how often?
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