Replacing wallet

  1. I have put my PTI up for sale, I'm going to replace it and not sure what with. I thought maybe i'd get a start on looking.

    I dont like my money folded.. So any wallet that folds is out.

    I have been thinking maybe another PTI because it holds more card now.
    Thought about monogram zippy and considered the pochette wallet.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. what about a pochete wallet? i like it better than the pti bc i hate the way the coin pocket and pen loop are there. too old ladyish to me.

    but the new pti will have an elastic loop instead of the rigid small one, in case you were wondering.
  3. Pochette porte monnaie:yes: I don't like the PTI cuz it's too long and I don't like the zippy cuz it's too flat lol, but this is just me
  4. I :heart: the new MC Zippy Wallet!
  5. i have the MC PTI in black and white, love this wallet.
  6. it only hold 6 cards though?
  7. if it held more cards i'd go for it. but since it only holds 4 :sad:
  8. Is this a new wallet that is out ?
  9. Just got off the phone with LV and they have the groom pochette wallet... I am thinking about that one now.


    Does anyone use this wallet daily and how is it holding up?
  10. this doesnt look like an elastic loop
  11. Do you count the front CC slots? Depending on which line you get, some hold a total of 8 others hold 10, but I *think* for the mono there's 8 if you count the 2 slots in the front
  12. Yup, here's a link to the thread:

    New MC Accessories
  13. I like the pochette wallet too. It has 10 cc slots.
  14. mono pti holds 10 all together. MC pti holds 4, none in the front.( unless they have changed it)
    MC pochette wallet holds 6 counting the front. Mono pochette wallet holds ( the new one) holds 8 including the front.

    Groom holds 10. all together
  15. :smile: thanks