Replacing vuittonite lining in LV Buckets...

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  1. Hi all,
    Do any of you know how much it is (currently) to replace the lining in the Large Buckets? Also, what if I wanted to get rid of the icky vuittonite lining once and for all :idea:- how much would it cost to replace it with fabric lining?

  2. AWHILE back, I think someone mentioned that she bought a bag that her vuittonite replaced for about $150?? I'm not sure if you can get Vuitton to replace it with textile instead, but it's worth asking them!
  3. I don't think they will change the lining from what is supposed to be in the bag. They will replace it with the same fabric, not something else... although I wish they would.

    That lining isn't horrible, at least you can clean it if you spill something!
  4. Hi ladies,

    I'm newer to the LV forum, but have been a tPFer for a while, so forgive my newbie ignorance. So I recently inheirted a Plat Sac in pristine condition -- except for the inside. The inside, while spotless, has this creamy, sticky/chunky residue that rubs off on whatever I place inside it. Based on what I've read on here and from Google, I presume this is from the "peeling"or deteriorating Vuittonite. First, is that a correct assumption?

    Secondly, I also presume that I should take it to my LV store and have it repaired. If they repair it - and it sounds like they certainly can do so - does that mean they will only replace it with more Vuittonite? I'm sure the LV store can tell me this, but I always like to do some research and have an understanding before making the trek.

    Thanks in advance!
  5. All of my vintage LV bags have had that sticky, black business in the inside zipper pockets. Instead of spending a fair share of money and sending them away to be fixed (the turn around time is SO long), I just bought some pretty silk fabrics, sewed my own pocket linings, and attached them to the walls of the sticky pockets in order to make the bags functional.

    It might not be the original lining of the inside of the bag, but I do really love the re-vamped pockets because it gives my bags a personal touch. Furthermore, it shouldn't decrease the value of the bags for the sheer fact that me re-vamping the pockets made the bags functional again.

    Good luck with your bucket and whatever you choose to do regarding the lining!

    Here's a picture of the re-vamped zipper pocket of my '92 Black Epi/Blue Raspail.
  6. That might have been me. And that was about 3-4 years ago. I agree, they might not be able to change the lining to something different then what it should be. They do a wonderful job though. My bucket came back looking brand new (except that they didn't change the strap or the bottom trim). I was very impressed with their workmanship. So don't worry about sending it in for repairs. On a off note, a few months after I got my bucket back I decided I want the cosmetic pouchette repaired too as it was leaving sticky stuff all over my contents, so I bought that in for repairing. When I went to pick it up a few weeks later I found out that they just decided to replace it with a new one!!! The SAs didn't even know that they sent back a new pouchette, I told her it was a new pouchette and she was so surprised. She commented that maybe it was not worth fixing and decided it was easier to give me a new one. Anyway, the new pouchette on the petit bucket has fabric lining so that was a bonus. However, the bucket itself still has the vuittonite lining. I don't have the bucket anymore. I sold it because it didn't like it anymore. It didn't sell for very much ($300) but I am sure it wouldn't have even gotten that if it still had the sticky gluey stuff.
  7. Frashionelica, your bag is gorge! I love that idea of adding in a pretty personal touch with a silk scarf lining. I'll have to think about that a little bit since a) I think my residue is the entire bag and b)I'm not much of a seamstress! Great idea and thanks for sharing.

    Hey Solai - that's great to know; I appreciate you continuing your help even a few years later :smile: I think I will definitely take mine to the store and just see what they can do. The Sac Plat is such a gorge bag; I'd hate to retire it after only getting it so recently. I'm really glad to learn that the SAs at LV are helpful and friendly (unlike my last treturn trip to a Fendi store. Nightmare, but for another thread).
  8. I know this is an older thread. How did you attach it to the side of the bag?