Replacing Vachetta

  1. How much does it generally cost to replace all the vachetta on a speedy 25? Also, does this have to be brought to a boutique or a counter inside a dept. store is also fine? Does a receipt have to be present or will they take it as long as the bag is real? Any help would be appreciated!!

    Also, if there were past or relevant threads on this topic, please link me! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. No receipts required. I would suggest going in to a boutique and doing this, especially with a familiar SA. I had the Vachetta replaced on my Sister's Speedy 30 and it was $212.00 - It also took 6 weeks to get back. I had the Vachetta replaced on my Pegase 70 and it was about $265.00. It took 2 weeks.

    They will fill out a form for you specifying what you need done, there is a section on the form for an "allowance" - an additional amount that they are allowed to charge you if they (factory) decide that you need new hardware, lining, etc. If you do not specify an amount - They can take you for a ride, essentially replacing the bag and changing everything on it. I had this done to a Keepall 45 that needed a new zipper - They replaced almost everything for a sum of $430.00. - The new zipper was only $130.00.

  3. WOW, I am glad you told us this. So in other words, be very specific. I had handles replaced on a bag and if was $125.00 but that was a number of years ago. It was so sad too, for the bag although not new was a bag which I bought and left the plastic on for quite some time. The leather could not breathe (this is what the SA told me) and the leather cracked, so I had to replace the handles of an unused bag!!! But WOW I saw your posting and $430.00 to repair a bag!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness, I bet you dropped when you found out!:wtf:
  4. I was shocked because I had no idea that they could do that. They fought me on it and refused to return my bag until I paid the additional charges (I paid the $130.00 in advance). I suppose that is was MY fault since I did not read the form in it's entirety. I paid the additional amount and refuse to shop at that boutique (Caesars Forum Shops). If they have something that I want, I have it transferred to my store - I refuse to hand them my money, even if it all goes to the same place in the end. :cursing:
  5. Wow, that's so crazy. Thanks so much for the info... so if I only wanted the vachetta placed and it's going to cost X amount of dollars, should I put "$0" for the "allowance" so they can't charge me for anything else?
  6. I would put $50.00 as an "Allowance" in case they find something that really should be repaired - Either to prevent future problems or to enhance the cosmetic appearance. Wouldn't it infuriate you if a zipper pull came off a week after you had it returned with new vachetta after a 6 week wait? lolol. That's totally something that would happen to me..
  7. LOL good idea, thanks for all your help!! :tup: :flowers:
  8. I called the 866# a couple of days ago to order a new string for my noe and I asked about having the vachetta replaced on a 25 and I was quoted around 400$ for all if it! I don't know if it helps to talk to someone you know at a store....this could be a freak circumstance
  9. ^I think the $400-ish price may have included replacing the piping and two leather leafs on the side. I think each handle and set of leather chads costs either $120 or $140...can't remember.
  10. :wtf:$400? I nearly had a heart attack when I read that! :push: LOL, maybe I should hold it off for a while since it doesn't really need to be replaced, I just wanted to get it replaced for some reason. I'd rather buy a brand new one if it's $400 :s

    thanks for the info!! :tup::flowers:
  11. I need to get my leather replaced. My speedy was made in usa do they put one that says usa again or do they put whichever they have on hand?
  12. ^any piece of vachetta marked with a country of origin you have sent to be replaced will come back as "Made in the USA" regardless of where it was originally put together.
  13. Really? Thats interesting. Thank you for the information.
  14. OMG..... you might as well purchased a new bag...... geez
  15. Can you get replacement canvas for a price too? Or just leather and hardware?