Replacing vachetta on Keepall and Pegase

  1. I have a keepall 45 and pegase 60 that I always use for traveling.... Both already turned into a honey color and I have been using both of them for over a year. Has any of you experienced replacing the vachetta on keepall or pegase. If so how much was it? thank you:smile::smile::smile:
  2. no one? common i can't be the only one using a keep all.. lolz
  3. ^^ My mono keepall can also use a vachetta replacement. Have not really get to it since I bought ebene keepall. Hopefully it won't cost much. :sad:
  4. There was a post of someone who replaced the vachetta on her alma and the results were amazing......
  5. I took my Keepall 45 (bought in 1996) to LV two weeks ago to have the handles replaced. I believe the SA said it was $145. The canvas is so thick and sturdy compared to newer bags I felt it was worth the price to replace the handles instead of getting a new bag with thinner flimsy canvas. I only use this bag for travel so I want it too last for another 20 years or so!
  6. oh cool! thats a good price. Are u just replacing the handles or even the vachetta around the bag? thanks
  7. really? that sounds awesome! do you have the link for it? I wanna see the result.. I'm so excited... I love the monogram best and i don't wanna buy a dammer or makasar just because of the vachetta.:smile:
  8. This is a great idea! My bag could probably use a spa treatment too. Does it take a long time for them to return your bag?
  9. they said 6 weeks... but thats not too long for me.. worth the wait....:P
  10. Will they replace the leather around the bag too??
  11. I could not find the Alma but here is a link of someone who re-did their petit noe..It looks amazing as well....
  12. That costs more. But technically speaking they can replace all leather.

    I also read that LV has a professional cleaning service for leather. Is this true?
  13. I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is wondering.... I just received a quote to replace all vachetta on my 20 year old keepall 45 and it is in the $750-$800 range w/ a turnaround of 4-6 weeks.
  14. Changing all the leather on the bag will be much more expensive than $145 for the handles.
    When changing the handles, the atelier doesn't need to take the bag apart and reconstruct it.