Replacing Vachetta no date code? Vintage Canvas vs New

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  1. This contains two questions for our experts in this forum :smile:

    1: when LV are replacing all vachetta on a vintage bag (this time a Noe) will they not put any date code on the new vachetta?

    2: would you say there is a difference in vintage monogram canvas compared to newer? Bad/good?

    If I look at pictures of vintage bags they seem to have a more “greenish” colour to the prints and the newer ones have a more “yellowish” tone.

    Left is from -90ish and right from 2018:


    Thank you everybody for any comments.
  2. Update: I found another person who had all the vachetta replaced on her Noe by LV and she confirmed no date code is put on her bag either.

    So it seems Noes that has all vachetta replaced will come with no date code. Good to keep receipt of the repair in case one wants to sell bag in future and people ask about missing date code.
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