Replacing Tassels


Apr 21, 2006
Pacific Northwest
I have a 2005 Caramel City and a 2005 Navy city that I need to replace one tassel each. Does anyone know where I can buy these? I bought the bags through e-bay. I thought I had read, awhile ago, that the Balenciaga store in NY would only sell tassels if you bought your bag from them.

In a moment of insanity (don't scream) I cut the tassels on both these bags and really really regret it. Thanks for any suggestions.


Aug 6, 2009
Balenciaga selfridges london sells spare tassels they are five pounds per set but they have to send you an order form you fill it out and email it back to them with payment details the postage was quite high I seem to remember around the fifteen pound Mark and obviously you need to ring them to check colour stock as I bought black.
Good luck


Apr 19, 2007
I bought tassels from the Las Vegas Caesar's Palace store for $7 a set (2), and they were super nice, plus shipping was free. Ask for Chelsea.


More Bags, Pleeease!
Oct 5, 2009
It's very hard to find old seasons like 2005 tassels. You need to ask around Bal boutiques all over the world. When I ordered 2006 season tassels in 2010, they didn't have it and it seemed they used up the leather. I have never received it.

Or you send an email to Bal US website customer service. I had wired experience about 2010 milky way tassels. I bought a milky way bag at Bal NY and asked about the tassels since then. When I asked about it again in this November, my SA said they still didn't recieve it and gave me their website customer service email address to ask about it. I sent an email to them. A few days later, Bal NY repair person replied and he ordered it for me. I don't understand why my SA didn't just order it for me. Anyway it might work for you. Good luck!