replacing tarnished zips?

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  1. having seen a few people talk about the tarnish, and considering I wouldnt want my girlfriend to throw away a bag, has any one here had them replaced? what sort of price does LV charge to replace a zip on which ever bag you had?

    if i rang I'd doubt they would quote me for maintenance costs like that.

    although im surprised the zips arent you know, a better quality of gold.
  2. Before you replace it, have you tried polishing it?

    Would she really throw away a bag for that reason??
  3. oh no no I just mean like when it gets chipped or what ever, I'm just wondering how much they charge, like if its just the same as basically buying a new bag
  4. I think you can get it serviced but it'll take like 4-6 weeks. I'm not 100% sure on the price but juding on how much they charge to replace the straps for the pochette, it cost 65 bucks!!! Good luck and let us know if you find out the price.
  5. The zippers (and "gold" toned hardware) on LVs are not gold, they are brass ... and brass tarnishes. You can use a brass cleaner to spiff it up.
  6. are they brass? I didn't know that lol...I guess I can polish the pouchette and make it look a little better
  7. Yes, they are brass... If you use Brasso to polish them... it works like a charm!
  8. ^^ Yup, if they were made of gold, then LVs would be a serious, serious bargain! I couldn't think of the name of the cleaner, but yes, that's it.

  9. The zippers on the wallet however are not brass. They are coated metal, and it's not brass. They cannot be cleaned up with brass cleaner. Other hardware is coated brass, like the locks, but not zippers on wallets.
  10. ^^ I don't have a zippered LV wallet, so I take your word for it. (But there was a member here who cleaned her Zippy wallet zip hardware with brasso. I remember reading it.) The main point I wanted to make is that the metal is not gold, and that most of it is brass (I guess excluding the wallets, I dunno). Anyway ..
  11. LV is definitely brass. I've had good luck using a brass polish in the past. Good luck!!!
  12. if the hold isnt solid like on the manhattan PM, wouldnt it eventually just rub off? since it would just be a thin layer on the brass
  13. There are many LV pieces where the hardware is NOT brass, especially pieces several years to vintage in age. This is why so many older pieces you see the hardware is no longer golden but silvertone, the plate covering has been totally removed. It really varies with each piece, so many pieces you can see the chipping away of the goldtone, this is also an indication there was only plating. Dooney is one which has always used solid brass hardware, I have never seen chipping of color loss on Dooney hardware and as everyone knows Dooney is not even in the same league or level as LV. Another designer, probably a better comparison as far as level designer would be Longchamp, a french company, I have owned many Longchamp, never a problem with their hardware either. LV simply put, uses CHEAP hardware on many pieces which I will never understand to this day WHY they do it!!!
  14. LV replaced the zipper pull on my Pochette Cles for free.
  15. ^^ How old was it? I know I took my pochette accessories in to be fixed (not b/c of tarnish, but b/c the zipper started curling -- hard to explain) and they didn't fix it b/c the canvas started to crack on the top. They said if they put it on the fixer-upper machine it may fall apart, so they didn't take it. :crybaby: (My pochette is 7 years old and is used every single day (inside a bigger purse) and sometimes odubles as my club purse.)