replacing sunglass lenses

  1. not exactly sure where to post this under, but i was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere you can send in your sunglasses to get the lenses replaced. i have 3 pairs (2 dior, 1 chanel) that are scratched, but i still love them. i tried lenscrafters, but they said the lenses were bigger than any of the lenses they had.

  2. have you tried contacting the boutiques to see where they would recommend? I was considering lenscrafters as well, I didn't know that the lenses would be too big.
  3. Any sunglasses store that sells CHANEL, etc. sunnies will be able to order and install new lenses for you. I am notorious for dropping my sunnies and have replaced my lenses many times. It usually takes couple of days to get the lenses in and it takes about two minutes for the person (who knows what they are doing) to install them. New CHANEL lenses start @ about $50.00. I hope this helps.