replacing parts on LV

  1. I am so heartbroken.
    I just noticed a rather large ink stain on my alma on the vachetta.
    i just know this will not come out and well... am preparing to take it to LV to have the bottom as well as the handles replaced.
    Has any one had theirs replaced? do you think it is well worth the price?
    the body of it is in excellent shape.
    this is a special bag to me, it was the first LV DH bought me:crybaby: .
  2. I'd recommend just using magic eraser on the ink spot and trying to blend it in with leather conditioner. as the vachetta patinas it will blend in with the rest of it. To replace the bottom leather and the handles, you're looking at $350 +++
  3. To replace all the leather on a bag, it could be up to 2/3rds the cost of a new bag so it may be a better choice to just look for a new one. :sad:
  4. Well if it's going to be about 1/3 of the price of a new one I say go for it. Once the handles and bottom is replaced the bag truly looks new. You won't get much of a profit if you try to sell it with that ink stain..JMHO.
  5. Hmm... maybe try nail polish remover? It got rid of my pen marks on the alcantra lining for my epi bag but not sure if it'll work on vachetta, but use it at your own risk and discretion. Or maybe call up the LV SA and ask them what can be done?
  6. i have replaced the handles and it does cost quite abit so the base would definitely be more. you can always call LV SA and they can give you a quote for repair.
  7. I paid $130 to have my handles and chast replaced on my speedy cerises.
  8. Sorry to hear about the stain:sad:.If it's special get it repaired/replaced.
    As poutine said call your local LV and they'll give you a quote.:yes:
  9. When I got my MC Keepall 45 (my love of my life) lol I talked to my SA about how I don't want the handles to get dirty and how I would carry it with a rag haha, he said just make sure your hands are clean and blah blah so I first carried it and no problems but point to this story was, he said if I wanted to replace the handles and RIBS as he called them on my Mono keepall 50, it would cost close to a new one... so I was like well then I would sell the old one and buy a new one if I absolutely had to but I never will, im over it
  10. I had the handles, chapes and bottom replaced on an old alma of mine and it came to about $350.
  11. wow, 350.00 for all of it? was this recently?
  12. i will call LV in the am. hopefully it wont be that horrible of a quote:girlsigh: .
  13. What the hell was I spelling chast that's what I get for typing to fast.
  14. I took mine in to get an estimate. It was $158 to replace the bottom leather and $124 to replace both handles.
  15. nail polish remover will take the color out of it.. I wouldnt use it.