Replacing parts of bag inquiry....

  1. Hello everyone :smile: I just bought my first 2 chanels from eBay and Im very happy about them! :yahoo: I bought the kelly bag and I was wondering if anyone knew an estimated cost to get a newer and longer strap for it and is it possible to do this?? The nearest Chanel boutique for me is in South Cost Plaza. I might also get the double c's and turnlock replaced as well.
  2. I'm not sure on Chanel's policy but if it's anything like LV's, they might not change it to the longer strap. LV's policy is they won't alter a bag's appearance if it doesn't exactly match what LV intended it to originally look like. Hopefully that made sense. So if the strap was damaged and you needed it replaced, I'm sure they could do that but if you want a longer strap and that wasn't what the original bag had, I'm not sure they would agree to do that. Whew..hopefully that wasn't confusing:shame:!
  3. Call- Marie Scott or Yoshiko at Chanel/SCP 714-754-7455
    To find out.
  4. I'll do so, thanks :smile: