Replacing original sole with rubber sole. Complicated?

  1. Hi-

    Considering having a cobbler put a rubber sole on my ballet flats. Will this make them more comfortable? Is it a common procedure for a cobbler?
  2. If the original sole was leather, and you want a thin piece of rubber to protect what's left of the sole, you will notice only a very slight improvement in comfort.
  3. Thanks shoefan.

    Will they do a full sole replacement with a rubber sole? I suppose it depends on the original construction of the shoe. Thanks for any input.
  4. Usually only the part of the sole which contacts the ground gets replaced (it ends up about the front half of the length of the sole), but I'm sure they can cover the whole sole if you want them to.
  5. the sole isn't usually actually replace either, but rather the new rubber sole gets put on top of the existing one.

    it won't make a difference in terms of comfort if you're thinking it will give you more padding, but it does make shoes less slippery so that can make it more comfortable to walk.

    and yes, along with replacing heels, this is probably the most common thing a cobbler does.
  6. Thanks shoefan and mundodabolsa-

    I think the extra stability will make it worth it. I'll probably have him cover the whole sole.