Replacing lens on Chanel 5171 sunnies


Nov 25, 2008
Vancouver, Canada
Hello ladies, I've made up my mind that i will be wanting the new Chanel 5171 sunnies for summer :smile: now my question is do you think it will look bad if i replace the lens of the black ones to the violet ones? I have sunnies with all the different gradients already so i'm thinking i want a change. I've seen some black framed Prada sunnies with purple gradients which I think would good. I'm not sure if it will look good with the Chanel's because I don't know if there's different types of violet gradients.. so I'm not sure it if has to be a darker transparency to suit the black frame.. please give me your thoughts and opinions. They will be much appreciated. TIA


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Oct 19, 2006
i actually just purchased the 5171's in purple, have you considering getting it in purple? it would save a lot of hassle. But if you do really want black frames and purple lenses, go visit your local optometrist.