Replacing Leather On MC Speedy

  1. Has anyone had their handles and leather trim replaced on their MC speedy yet? If so, does anyone know what it would cost to replace it? I would love to do it but I'm thinking it's going to be expensive because theres alot of leather on this particular bag. The pull and the leather running down the front pocket. I priced the mono piano bag and it was $700.00. I ended up selling that one!! Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I got a quote from LV for $550 for my white MC speedy! Not bad considering the overall price of the bag.
  3. ^^ wow that isnt bad at all :smile:
  4. No...That isn't bad at all. I think I'll actually do it. I have the black which looks much better than the white when it starts getting dark. But I think I should run before they raise the prices to some ridiculous amount. I wonder if the prices will be the same here in Jersey as in Alaska hmmm?
  5. My mom has a Black MC speedy and I told her she should replace the leather but she loves it dark. There are some pics of it on here. But wow 550 isn't bad at all. Which LV do you use since I see your also in north jersey!!
  6. It's a toss up. I have several so whatever the mood or occasion calls for. I would say my everyday bag would be my mono. speedy 30 but variety is the spice of life;)
    Heres a pic. of my speedy. It's not only the darkening which isn't too bad on the black but theres water stains on the front pocket and the center of the handles are kind of too dark. Replacing it all would be like having a new bag.
  7. The regular mono is not $700! Anywho, I got a quote for my MC speedy to do ALL of the leather. I was told around $800. Why do we all get different answers?
  8. See now thats high $700.00....I wonder if I should do it now or wait. If I wait the price will probably shoot up to $1,000.00. Then I won't even want to bother. decisions....decisions
  9. My LV boutique has a price list of replacement items for bags. I just had the handles replaced on my next-to-new blue denim neo speedy (run in w/my young son's henna tattoo, rather not talk about it! lol) and the cost was $150 plus tax. Took only about two weeks. My SA looked the price up on the price list and wrote a repair order for me when I left the bag.
  10. My price quote was from the Seattle LV- I also got a price quote from my SA in Columbus, OH to replace the pocket up front- it was 150 dollars.

    Each SA told me 4-6 weeks refurbish time.
  11. Thanks for the info everyone :ty: i just did a search and came across this thread
  12. Any price well under 1/2 the cost of the bag would be worth it. I'm amazed that the Speedy is now 2K+. I think it would look great with new leather, since LV canvas is so hardy. Wouldn't that be something nice to look forward to? Almost like getting a new purse:nuts:.