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Replacing leather on LVs

Tokidoki Lover

has her 1st speedy!
Jan 8, 2007
Who has had the leather replaced at LV? (particularly for a speedy?)

I tried looking online at vuitton.com for services and the link is broken, and seeing as tpf is so crazy all the time, I couldnt find another thread about replacing the leather...not even in the FAQ, im sure its there, just hiding! :smile:

sooooo... has anyone here done it? heard about it? worth it? any info is greatly appreciated!!:tup:


Nov 18, 2006
I have replaced the leather, lining and hardware on over 12 pieces. I personally think that it is worth it - Although, for some pieces, the cost of refurbishment is the price of a new Louis Vuitton bag, another style of course.

I enjoy having new leather, new handles most of all - Especially for a hand carry bag like the Speedy. I had the leather replaced on my sisters Speedy, I cannot recall what the exact total was, but it is in a previous post. Once the search feature is back, I will link you to the thread.

The biggest issue with having Louis Vuitton items repaired, is the time frame. It always varies and there is no time guarantee.

My most recent repair took 2 months, 1 month for them to give me the repair estimate and 1 month for them to repair it and send it back. On top of that wait, they sent the bag back without replacing the handles (it went in for a complete overhaul) - So they sent it back to the repair facility. It took another 2 1/2 weeks for it to be returned to me and this was a "Priority Rush" repair. This only occurred because the repair facility is undergoing changes.

The longest I have ever waited for a repair was 4 months and that was due to very poor communication between the boutique and the repair facility. I no longer shop at that boutique.

If you are in need of refurbishment, I would highly suggest going for it. However, if you have more than one boutique near you, get estimates from each of them. I have found that each location will differ on the in-house estimate. Also, if you are a VIP/VIC, the replacement time is faster. My fastest repair was 2 weeks and I am a VIP/VIC.



Apr 12, 2008
I have done it and I have done it with a speedy-years ago in Cali-you take it to your nearest store (Rodeo) and they send it off and analyze the bag to make sure they can do it-bag can not be brittle and canvas has to be flexible (well taken care of) if they can do it they will and it is expensive (hundreds) I did it in 88-89 and it was over 300 then and I think the Speedy was only 400ish,,,if your bag is brittle at all they will not do it. The cost is less than buying a new bag because you are using your own canvas but still very expensive. They do not (or did not at the time) charge anything for shipping. I have also tried to do it here in ATL with a different Speedy and they sent it back saying they could not as the canvas was not supple enough.