Replacing heels

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  1. Heels can be replaced, but maybe she'll like them more as they are when she sees them in real life. They are great for running around!
  2. Jet, so true, I am having them shipped to her job. I guess we'll take it from there. I just wanted some opinions.
  3. Jet, she likes them :biggrin:
  4. Nice work! I was going to say the same thing... the heel is perfect for work or errands!
  5. ^^ITA! So glad she likes them :biggrin:.
  6. glad she likes them. nice boots!
  7. Gorgeous, and you got them for such a steal :nuts:

    Glad she likes them!
  8. So, do you by any chance have a brother that is single? :graucho:
    Kiddin'! That is so sweet of you to get them for her and I'm glad she loves them.
  9. yay! glad your wife likes the boots, gheaden! so cute. :ghi5:
  10. :party: I am so glad!
    I had a feeling she might. Lower heels can sneak up on you!
  11. bella, cts- they do make good errand or chill/work boots
    flashy, surly-thanks a bunch
    ShoeNoob-the best part was they were such a steal
    NienersI am a shoe w*ore as my wife would say
    Jet-glad I didn't just replace the heel w/o showing her
  12. Gorgeous, too funny, I was watching this auction :smile:

    Glad they went to a good home!