Replacing/fixing piping on bottom of LV bag

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  1. I just checked the reference section, but I did not see anything relevent.

    I am considering a pre-loved Manhattan PM with lovely patina. The only thing is that the piping on the bottom is starting to look a bit worn. Has anyone gotten theirs replaced and if so, how expensive is it?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. love the manhattan!!

    i think it varies by bag -- you can call lv and ask because it is fixed pricing based on which bag is being done.
  3. I know it's just the piping, but to replace all leather on the bags is 2/3rds the purchase price - mostly cause bags have to be taken apart. I imagine the piping will be a significant portion of the cost because of the labour involved - it's much easier to replace handles and tabs.
  4. Interesting....I did not look at it that way, but it makes sense. this changes things. Thank you for the info!
  5. Every repair is a different price. You can call your LV store or 1-866-VUITTON and get a quote!
  6. ^^ITA... with Ayla. Repairs can add to half the price of the bag. I would reconsider or just save up to buy another one instead. This is from my experience with my SO bag also. Not worth it IMO.
  7. I just phoned about having my Abssess (I hope I didn't butcher that word<----) re-piped and was told it would only cost between $250-$350. That was a call to LV Caesar Forum...
  8. hmmm. i think that for the price of the repair of the bag, it might be better to just get a new one...?