Replacing Coach Fob on Discontinued Bag

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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a replacement hang tag (fob) on a discontinued bag? Does it matter if I was not the original buyer or person to register the bag..... i.e. purchasing a used bag off of Ebay??

    I am looking at an xl Coach Lily (kick myself for not getting the last black one on ebay that HAD the fob....I was just a little gun shy about spending so much money on one took me a week or so to get use to the idea, now that I've worked up the courage the only bag I can find is one that has a missing fob).

    Would this be hard to get replaced?

    I have been trying sooo hard to find the perfect fall bag, when what I really really want is the xl Coach Lily. I'm going for it if I can find one :wlae:
  2. I read on here from another poster if you call Coach they send a metal hang tag as your replacement. I would not suggest saying where you got it, just make the request! ")
  3. they might be able to do it if they have the color in stock, just b/c the stope making the bag, doesnt mean they used up all the hangtags
  4. You will probably get a metal one.
  5. I lost a hang tag on one of my bags. On the advice of this forum I emailed (customer service) and told them this. I also gave them the style number and colour of my bag. I got an instant response (literally in a couple of minutes) asking whether the tag was gold or silver and within a couple of weeks got a free replacement tag in the mail. It is not quite the same as the one I lost, but pretty close and I thought it was great customer service.
  6. If you get the bag, carry it into the outlet store, the one I went to in Birch Run MI was kind enough to hook me up w/ exactly what I needed, which was a metal one, but before they did they asked me if it was leather because they had matching leather for my bag too. I would not be surprised if other outlet stores have little stashes of them too :smile:
  7. Wow, I had no idea even the hang tags were guaranteed...though it makes sense because a Coach just isn't the same without one :nogood:.
  8. I bought an older scribble hobo on ebay last year (pastels) and it was missing the hang tags when I got it (hang tags were in the ebay picture but that's a whole nother post...) I called for a new hang tag and was surprised that they sent me the matching double green one. I know it's silly but I was very happy it was the right one. If it's a newer bag you may get lucky with an exact match.