Replacing clochette

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  1. I just bought a nice pre-owned Birkin 40 from a lovely fellow tpfer, and over the years, the clochette has been lost. Has anyone ever gotten a replacement, and how long did it take? I called my local Hermes and the SA (who was very pleasant and helpful) said I would have to bring it there, and they would send it to Hermes Paris and they would color-match and replace it. I asked, "might this take months?", knowing how long it takes for other repairs, restorations, etc. He said it may.

    Sigh, I don't really think I want to send it away for so long just for that small bit of accessory.

    Anyone done it? How long did it take, and what was the cost (just ballpark)? Maybe in awhile when the newnesss (to me) of the bag wears off, I'll send it out.

    Do any of you purposely take the clochette off when using your bags?
  2. I'm actually thinking about taking mine off as I worry that the lock may rub and scratch the leather......probably highly unlikely as it's togo.

    There are a few for sale on eBay
  3. It certainly would be great find on ebay to see that exact color! I will keep checking, you never know...
  4. What colour is your bag? How are you finding the 40? I was considering a 40 for my SO
  5. _ I honestly don't know, the seller called it 'brique' but said she didn't know the exact color name. It is a nice reddish-brown (brick LOL) color.

    I like big bags. I have a 35 Birkin - I like it too, but would never go smaller.

    For example, I find the LV Speedy 30 too small - I have a 35 and a 40 and for me they are perfect. I guess you just have to go into SO's closet and see what size bags are there ;)
  6. I love my current 35 but could also see me loving a 40!! Is it much taller than a 35?
  7. -Maybe someone with new, stand-up bags can give more exact measurements - my bags are a bit smooshy, so the best I could do was get a measurement that the 40 is only 1-2 inches taller.

    Hopefully someone else here can confirm or deny,

    Geez, the couple of non-exotic cloxhettes on ebay were 300-400$ - I think I'll wait awhile. I don't feel like spending that on such a little accessory... I'm already on a forever ban and selling other bags to pay for the Hermes:girlsigh:
  8. I wonder then how much one direct from H would be? Probably significantly cheaper than the eBay prices because as with most of the H stuff on eBay you are paying for the immediateness (if that's even a real word) of it

    Thanks for the info on your bag!
  9. Sometimes I do if I think it will scratch the leather. If I am using a pochette or twilly and I think it is looking too busy, I take it off then as well. I really don't think it is worth all that effort to get a new one. A 40 is a big bag, and it could get lost in the size anyway.
  10. Yeah, I aam leaning towards not doing anything about it. The bag looks fantastic regardless!