Replacing Cacharel Gloria perfume

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've been using Cacharel's Gloria perfume for quite awhile now (I rarely wear perfume, so it has lasted me a LONG time) and I absolutely love the scent.

    Unfortunately, I recently found out that it has actually been discontinued. I can't really describe the scent-but I'm wondering if there's anyone here who knows of this perfume (or has used it) and if they know anything that smells very similar to it? I've tried hard to find something (other than just bringing it in and saying "replace this") but no luck!

    Here's a photo of the bottle if anyone is wondering:
  2. Like you, I love Cacherel's Gloria and was disappointed to find out it had been discontinued. Last year, I managed to get my hands on a box set of the perfume, body mist and cream from a website called It may be worth a try.
    If you are looking for a similar smell, try Yves Saint Laurent's "Elle". I think this is the closest you will get!
    If I manage to find any, I will let you know... ;)
  3. I used this one too, still have a little bit left (luckily for me) but have already been on the hunt for a replacement since i found out it has been dis-continued and i know i will have to get something else.
    What i did was to look up the scents that are used to make the perfume and check others to see if the same ingredients are used.
    Gloria was a combination of:
    The ones i have tried are:
    Diesel Zero plus feminine (this is REALLY coconut-y)
    Vera wang Rock princess (very blackcurrant-y)
    J-lo Miami glow (love it!)
    Miss sixty Rock muse (very musk-y)

    The other ones i found that were similar by description (but yet to try) are:
    Hanae mori Magical moon
    Carla fracci Giselle
    Alexander McQueen My queen light
    Kate moss Vintage

    Hope this helps :biggrin:
  4. Bump.
  5. I found Dior Addict to not be an exact match, but fairly complimentary. I went and used the perfume selector at Sephora and they had the Cacharel one in the system so I was able to see what were close matches, and Dior Addict was one that came up.
  6. ^Awww see i know that one wouldn't be for me as it is an oriental floral and i can literally only deal with pure orientals nowadays. The rose and blackberry combo in Dior addict is not to my taste...
    I am leaning towards trying:
    Le Baiser Du Dragon by Cartier (oriental woody)
    Amarena Whim Lolita Lempicka (i like the idea of the cherry scent)
    or something almondy maybe like Amandes Orientales Montale

    I have to buy blind because they do not sell these perfumes where i live but hopefully i can find something satisfactory because i have been hunting for too long already, i just wish that they would bring this perfume back!!!
  7. This probably won't help much but if you or someone you know are ever at an Asian airport, check out the duty free stores there.
  8. Well i have just e-mailed everybody that i could find a contact for at Cacharel to request that they consider bringing this perfume back (yes that is how crazy i am for this scent, this is something that i would never normally do!)
    Fingers crossed that they at the very least will consider it, i have seen nothing but positive reviews of this perfume so i still don't understand why it was dis-continued in the first place, but still...
  9. You can find it on ebay (.ca, .com, and but the prices can be quite steep. Stalking ebay could likely turn up a decent priced bottle at some point but you'd have to be diligent about looking for it.
  10. ^Aaah i seen that but i do not have an E-bay. I really don't care about the cost (i would pay whatever so long as it is genuine) but i do not trust E-bay and Paypal, i have read too many horror stories, lol!
  11. Hey everyone i found the perfect dupe for Gloria by Cacharel and it's by Ghost.
    The fragrance i am talking about is called midnight and it smells just like Gloria ( i am in love :smile:).
    When you first apply it onto your skin you will have to let it settle first before you can tell the similarity, because it doesn't really do when you first spray it, but trust me once it settles OMG :smile:
    If you smell it from the bottle you'll be able to smell the similarity !!

    Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

  12. Are you sure it's called Midnight and not Deep Night?
    I tried finding it on Google, but couldn't find "Midnight"
    My friend LOVED Gloria, so I wanted to send this info onto her...

  13. I realise this is an old thread, but I also love Gloria, and have found a really good dupe at Perfume parlour in the UK. It is called Gloriaas. They cannot ship sprays outside the uk, but the oil roller is divine, and is startlingly inexpensive. This is even being recommended on Now smell this and Fragrantica. Good luck.

  14. Thank you for posting!!!! Will look into it asap!
  15. Hi all! I am aware that this thread is very old but in my attempt to find a version of Gloria again, I stumbled across this.
    I have just ordered L'Orientale Eau Jeune as it is said to very similar according to and it is way cheaper. Fingers crossed!