Replacing Alma PM with Alma BB or having both?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    i've been having a bit of a dilemma concerning my Alma PM in DE. I purchased it about a year ago...Although I love how it looks, I haven't reached for it very much at all as I find smaller shoulder or cross body bags more convenient.

    I realize now that the Alma BB (in DE as well) is probably more suited to my current lifestyle. I've considered selling my Alma PM and replacing it with the BB, but from what I have seen online they seem to have a lower resell value, so I'm not sure if it's worth selling at all. Is it worth having both in my collection (in the same pattern, no less), or would it be redundant?
  2. Why don’t you buy a strap to wear it crossbody?
    The strap costs less than a new bag, plus your old bag will be like a new one! I did that with my speedy in DE and fell in love again with it.
    If you really want an Alma bb, you can buy it in another color or pattern.
  3. I don't like wearing the Alma PM with a shoulder strap because the shape of the Alma is made for handheld. The bag is too wide and stiff for wearing it crossbody. It looks ugly and it isn't comfortable at all. Thats my opionion. I have had a lot of Alma's (have bought it and sold it :sad: ) but I couldn't wear it with a strap. It's really unconfortable!
    I would sell it and buy the BB or you have both, one for handheld, one for crossbody.
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  4. I had this exact same problem. I loved my PM but it was just too big and heavy. I ended up selling for a massive loss and replacing with a BB, which I have used much more frequently. I have used theBB quite often as a cross body too, but I agree the Alma shape doesn’t seem to lend itself to being used that way.
    I still regret that I paid such a lot for the PM only to end up taking such a loss when I realised it didn’t work for me.
  5. I had the reverse situation. I ended up selling my BB's because they were just too small. I loved them when I bought them and used all the time. I think life situations are always changing. Give the loss you would take on the PM I would keep it. Adding the BB if you think it would fit your current lifestyle is a good choice if you can afford to have both.
  6. I tried it with the strap from my PM just to see how it would feel, but it's a bit uncomfortable because the base digs into the side of my hip/leg :sad: It was worth a try though!
  7. If I do sell it, I feel like I'll regret selling it for a huge loss as well :sad: But I'm glad that the BB worked out well for you in the end!
  8. I decided to purchase the BB without selling the PM for now. Of course the moment I decided and went to the lv website, the bb in DE was "call for availability." It was available for a few weeks while I was being indecisive, and then as soon as was ready to buy, it wasn't available anymore!! :yucky:
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  9. fwiw i have almas in pm and bb and i use the bb's far more. bb is a great little bag, holds more than you would think and does not stick out as much as the pm when used with a strap. give the bb a try if you find one : )