replacing a strap?

  1. hey ladies and gents,

    Just a question that I have been wondering:shame:, Im thinking about buying a used pochette accessoires for my friend for her birthday.. Everything is in great condition, except the strap. So I was wondering..

    1) Can I even get the strap replaced?
    2) How much will it cost? (Or should I just get a brand new one?)
    3) How long will it take to replace the strap?

    TIA, have a great weekend and veterans day!!
  2. You can just buy a strap. the price depends on which pochette you have. the regular mono strap is probably about $60-70usd. the mc pochette the strap is approx $90-110usd. and the epi/damier pochette straps would range about $60-85. i haven't personally replaced one yet but since there's a bunch of price markups lately that Im not caught up with those prices yet. If you're lucky you can find a nice one on eBay for sale =]
  3. I asked this question recently and was told yes you can replace the strap. For a regular mono pochette I think around $60 and for a multicolor pochette it was $110.
  4. thanks a lot! yea, its just a plain mono pochette!!
  5. I know this thread is SUPER old, but thank goodness I found it. My mom passed down her much loved mono pochette accessoires that she's had quite awhile. The strap is in desperate need of being replaced. I am REALLY hoping the LV boutique still does in fact carry strap replacements.

    Sincere apologies for reviving an ancient thread, but I didn't want to start a new topic on this.

    Anyone know if they still sell replacement straps for the pochette accessoires?

    TIA :smile:
  6. You can call your local LV boutique.
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