Replacing a missing strap! Help!

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  1. I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag on Ebay (It was called a cosmetic bag but I'm pretty sure its a Trocadero 27). The zipper tab is no longer on the zipper and the strap is missing. I bought it knowing I could probably get the zipper repaired- wether by LV or a leather repair. BUT the strap is where I need help. If I take it in to the LV store could they replace the strap for me? Or should I look for a replacement strap on Ebay?

    Here is the style bag I got:

    Like I said it's missing the strap and the zipper tab. I read LV replaces the tabs for sure but I'm interested in getting a strap for it.
  2. I have a question... Ok my girlfriend committed "COUTURE ABUSE".I was at her house and saw a LV monogram Cabas Mezzo Tote. On her deck in the rain covered in mold. I immediately told her to grab a plastic garbage bag and I swooped it up to come home with me... I have spent several days trying to revive this bag. I have washed it, dried it and scrubbed it. Mold came back, but only a few spots, inside. So I googled mold removal. Vinegar. So I washed it again in hot water, borax, and vinegar. Heat dried it. Ok it looks soooo much better. Leather is a bit dry. I used Ghurka leather care formula #1. Google said vinegar will kill 80+ % of mold. Any suggestions. I'm desperate to save this little baby. It is authentic. I could send it to LV. JUST TRYING TO SAVE IT WITHOUT THE EXPENSE... However I may have no option.
  3. The strap is built into the body of the Trocadero - attached at the side, it's not removeable. So it's not missing, it has broken at some point. I think given that, I'd take it into LV to make there is no damage to the body of the bag that needs repairing too.

    I suspect all you will get on ebay is a clip-on strap which is not how this model was designed.

    Hope that helps.
  4. As long as the metal loops are still on the side you can buy a strap online or in the store. I believe they run $250ish

  5. What do you mean send it to LV? They do not have a cleaning/spa service. Only repair service
  6. Hmm perhaps it is just a cosmetic case. How much would a replacement strap cost from LV?

    So the bag is similar the one pictured it just is without the strap. It probably had maybe a wrist strap?
  7. Can you post a picture of it then we might be able to tell you what it should have had, if anything.........?

    You can look up the prices of shoulder straps that attach on the LV website - just select your country from the front page. If it's a strap that needs to be attached to the bag then you'll have to ask LV for a quote.
  8. in lv that strap is about 250$
    from what I remember