Replacing a Lost Zipper Pull??

  1. Hi Girls! I bought a Black Sydney in used/demo condition from eBay, but the only thing wrong is that the front zipper pull is missing. I phoned Kooba and they were of no help does anyone know where I could get it fixed, other than maybe taking the inside zipper pull and moving it to the front? Thank you for you help :yes:
  2. I think that is exactly what I would do. No one will see the inside one is missing and then the outside will be complete!
  3. OK maybe that is what I will do! I don't think a Kooba retailer will be much help anyway, especially if it wasn't bought from their store. Maybe I could try but we'll see if moving the zipper pull will work!
  4. Another option would be to use a bag charm as the zipper pull.
  5. I like ladysalesrep's idea!
  6. yes a bag charm would work! Thank you for the suggestions! I will post pictures after I get it and fix her up :smile:
  7. Yes, move the interior zipper pull to the front and put a bag charm on the interior pull.
  8. I just got a new Balenciaga and I am just about ready to scrap those damned tassles for a few cute charms from Mini Moon. Do you think it'll cheapen the bag and take away from it's B-Bag-ness?
  9. OMG LEXIE! Your avatar!!! You're crossing over to....the....other....side????? :supacool:
    But I do love those tassels on the Bbags...I have a couple of Coach charms hanging from one of mine. I have the star and the moon Coach charms on a black Besso twiggy...because I love the way the silver and gold show up against the black...but
  10. If your interior zipper pull is the metal type I can't imagine how you'd move it as it would be difficult to remove without bending the metal that holds it in place on the zipper without damage (if not breakage). Easy if it's just the leather zipper pull though. A bag charm's a fab alternative idea.

    Oh Lexie, I'm drooling over your pink BBag. GORGEOUS! I don't think charms would detract from a fab BBag. They'll enhance it.
  11. Hi, traitor!! Ha, ha! I think charms would be a lot of fun on that Bbag!!! Lucky, you!!! Can't wait to see what Alberta Mommy does with her bag...
  12. I think if I take it to a saddle maker or shoe repair they can take it off carefully, we'll see what can be done when I get it-probably not for a couple of weeks yet though! (it takes about 2 weeks coming from the US to Canada) :nogood:
  13. Great idea to take it to a pro, he should be able to do it without any damage. Don't forget to come back with pics. We looooove photos.
  14. I will!!
  15. That pink bag is pretty. I've got a silver one. Each time I've carried it the tassels have bothered me. How do I find Mini Moon to check out charms. I really like that idea. You can definitely teach an old dog new tricks! Alberta, be sure to let us know how your bag comes out.