Replacement Tiffany pouches

  1. I just acquired a bunch of my aunt's Tiffany jewelry that she no longer wears (yayyy for generous family members!) Anyway, she doesn't keep any of her pouches or boxes for any of her jewelry (it drives me NUTS). I like to keep my jewelry in their pouches at the very least, but I prefer to keep it in the pouch and box for organization purposes.

    Anyway, my question is if I take the jewelry to Tiffany, can I buy replacement pouches and/or boxes? I'm pretty sure I've read on here before that for $5 you can take it to Tiffany for a buffing and they'll even give you another pouch- but I can't verify that since the search function's still down. It's driving me crazy without the pouches and more importantly ruining my jewelry organization LOL.
  2. I read that somewhere too, but they said it depend on the SA, some of them are way too nice and re-wrap the jewelry with pouch, box and even ribbon for free after they've cleaned it.
  3. I had my silver pocket mirror cleaned for free, and got a new pouch for free as well, too, if I remember correctly.
  4. In Toronto, buffing is for free and whenever I bring my jewellery in without a pouch and I say I don't want to wear it right now, they'll give me a pouch for each item.
  5. Thanks for your help ladies!
  6. In NYC, I pay a small fee (between $5 and 10 depending on the item) for polishing, and everything comes back in pouches. They do not give out or sell blue cardboard boxes or the nicer suede boxes that the fine jewelry comes in, though- even if you take the item for polishing.
  7. i agree with everyone else so far. ive brought jewelry in for cleaning and they give me new pouches. one time the csa was such a sweetheart. i went in to buy the silver polish and he gave me the tarnish cloth and like 5 pouches (one for every tiffany item i was wearing at the time) for free :smile: