Replacement Strings?

  1. Will BalNY ship me replacement strings if I request them over the phone? The strings on my 06 Emerald City look like they're about to split. And yes, I've got the one replacement set of strings, but I'd like to get another, just to be safe, particularly while the bag is still in-season...
  2. You should call and ask. There was a thread about replacement threads a few weeks back. Someone said that BALNY could get them for you.
  3. My strings split on my Ink about three weeks ago. I have left them on. I think it adds personality to my purse.
  4. yeppers, the nyc store was able to send me new strings :yes:
  5. Thanks :yes:
  6. you're welcome, i should be getting mine in the mail today!!!
  7. Can you get new tassles from BalNY even if you didn't purchase it from there? I got my 2005 grey first from Barney's NY but I'm not sure if they stock replacements tassles.
  8. hmmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure about that, but you can always call them & give it a try :rolleyes:
  9. Bal NY will only replace tassles for you if you purchased directly from them.....but that's according to my friend who tried. but you should call them!