Replacement straps?


Dec 28, 2010
I have a friend who said she will sell me her Kristin signature sateen hobo for a really good price. She has NEVER used it, it just wasnt her type. She cut the tags and threw out her receipt. Anyways she moved recently and cannot find the long strap for it. I really want it for the option of wearing it cross body. Can you order a replacement strap from Coach? I don't know if thats a stupid question or not sorry haha! I really want it!


"The Bag Whisperer!"
Dec 18, 2009
JAX doesn't have replacement straps for all Coach bags but it is worth a try, and if you have a PCE you can also get 25% off the strap (I did that once!)

Sometimes Coach straps show up for sale by themselves on ebay and bonanza and there is a vendor on bonanza that sells many different replacement straps and hardware for Coach bags. I have never purchased from him but other TPFers have and had good experiences.

A lot depends on the bag and the material. Two of my vintage rehabs didn't have straps. I was able to get a strap for the mahagony Willis but not for the pebbled leather beechnut Gracie. I even took Gracie to a leather expert to see if a custom strap could be made and he said he would never be able to "match the skins" and that I "could spend a lot of money on a new strap and not be happy with the results."

Sometimes another option is to get a chain strap that matches the hardware.

You should probably check out the strap replacement options before making a committment to buy (and maybe your friend could look a little harder for it!)

Good luck!