Replacement strap?

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  1. So I've fallen in love with a vintage Boston bag, but before I set my heart on it and take a deep breath and pay the custom charges which will come with it, there is a small issue I want to iron out first...

    The bag, like so many I've seen, doesn't have have the shoulder strap (tan) which would originally have come with it :sad:

    Does anyone have any tips on where I can pick one of these up? Ebay didn't provide me with any solutions.

    I probably won't use it (the strap, not the bag) very often, but well, I want it *complete*...

    Thanks ladies!

    Beth x
  2. Most vintage Bostons don't have a strap and never did. The only way of putting one on is to place a strap across the the handles on a diagonal, the clips for the straps would obviously have to have small enough clips for the rings (which are usually quite small).

    Sometimes Gucci do 'spare' straps that they sell seperately (they are made for specific bags that have the option of a shoulder strap) but it depends on what bag/season. These straps are about £150.

    Gucci will not make a strap for a bag that was never intended to have one.

    Happily, Gucci have made a new Vintage style Boston this season in 5 variations, brown or navy canvas, brown or black leather or camel nubuck all of which have a shoulder strap included in their initial price and are gorgeous bags: :tup: