Replacement Strap for Parker Hippie?

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  1. Is it possible to find a replacement long strap for the parker hippie? Can you order one from JAX? If not, any alternatives to finding one similar?

  2. So I just called JAX and they don't do replacements.

    Anyone had similar problem? Where should I look for an alternative strap?
  3. Hi,

    Maybe try Ebay or Bonanzle???? Do you already have a Parker Hippie or want to get one??? My only other suggestion would be taking the strap from a Julianne or Sabrina (depending on the color!)

    Good Luck!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. I might get this Yellow Parker Hippie that's missing the strap..for an Okay price. I don't know if I should pull the trigger or not. I mean I really want to carry the bag hippie style..but it's kinda hard to find the exact yellow strap. I'm going to bug the seller to search the whole house...
  5. Are you sure you will miss carrying it crossbody? I used to have a graphite one and never even used the large strap. It looks so much better on the shoulder for the large hippie. Now the small one looks cute crossbody.
  6. Ohhh..I need to find a model picture of carrying it on the shoulder.
  7. Didn't have a similar problem with a hippie, but bought my mahogany Hailey, cut the tags off, and THEN noticed that the clasp on the long strap is all chipped. There were marks in the leather, so I really think someone returned the bag used. I was going to call JAX, but you've answered my question on that, sigh....
  8. Maybe you could try the link above that Lizmil posted since mahogany is pretty easy to find a matching strap?

    I would also try going back to the store and explain to the manager about the problem. Hopefully they can replace a whole new bag!
  9. I couldn't fully enjoy my parker hippies without the long strap. I use it a lot. I hope you can come up with something to use if you buy it.
  10. i took off the long strap of my hippie as soon as i got it. in fact, i completely forgot that it could be a cross body bag! i'm only 5'1" (on a good day) for reference.

    sneaky puppy parsnip got in my picture!

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  11. OMGGG cutest doggie everrrrrrrrrr..I used to walk a daschhound wayy back in junior high..HAHA.. her name was Chloe and she only eats chicken...

    I did stalk some threads and saw that the bag might look too big/overwhelming hippie-style if one is not tall. Is it confortable around the shoulder? Slouchy enough? Easy acccess to main compartment while the bag is on the shoulder?


    I'm thinking since I live on jeans and the bag is yellow..maybe hippie-style will result color transfer...hmmm..maybe without a strap is a good sign..
  12. While I loved the bag when I had it it was a serious bottomless pit. It was also a tad heavy but the hardware is straight gorgeous on it with the O rings. I would worry about color transfer though if you are a jeans person. The leather IMHO seems a bit fragile and I was constantly checking mine for issues when I used it.
  13. I wouldn't get it! I just found a black signature parker hippie for $94 at Dillards! It was perfect and I LOVE it!!
    You'll find a good deal on one that has all the parts and is in great condition! I like having the option of wearing it cross body, PLUS I like having everything that it was supposed to come with. That would really bother me unless the bag was SUPER cheap.
  14. i love my hippie. with that being said, i also love my parker shoulder bag haha. i love my hippie because it's black and beautiful, but i actually like the versatility of the shoulder bag a little bit more. since it's not as deep, its easier to find stuff, and since the opening is a wider, it's easier to stuff all my junk in it. i would still prefer the hippie for more formal dressier things, but im glad i got the shoulder bag, too.

    (puppy parsnip's favorite coach bags are the parkers, too!)

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