replacement strap for logo belt

  1. Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, found it incidentally.

    My name is Dominik (male) and I'm from Germany. I don't have a "handbag problem" but a "Hermès problem", so maybe one of you pros can help.

    I own a logo belt, with a black/togogold strap and I would like to get another one (chocolate brown, I don't know the exact Hermès term for it) that fits my brown shoes (and my waist, lost a couple of pounds) better.

    So I went to the boutique in Baden-Baden/Germany and asked if it is possible to get a strap without a buckle (don't need/want another one) and they said no. But I thought that I once heard that it was possible.

    Do you know where I could get one?
  2. I was just in Copenhagen and Stockholm and was told at both boutiques they will sell just the leather strap
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, Rene.
    Maybe I'll make it to Copenhagen in September. Did you ask for the price?
  4. No sorry, I ended up just getting a full belt with a different buckle
  5. Take a look at the They have some leather belts sans the buckle for sale. Or mail them and tell them what you need and they might have it, but it isn't listed on the site. Good Luck.
  6. I think it's really up to the shop if you get one without a buckle or not. Some of the shops are not fully Hermes owned but franchises so that may make the difference.

    I agree with gracekelly, check out, they always have either belts or buckles for sale.

    And welcome to the forum!
  7. Thanks so far!
    I'll try to contact some stores, at least I now know that it isn't impossible. I think I'll give Zurich and Basel a call today.
  8. I just talked to the Basel boutique, they can order it for me. 410 CHF, maybe I'll check some stores in Germany if it's cheaper there.
  9. dominik i know that in the usa they just started selling the strap without the buckle this month. not sure the price but definitely better to buy just the strap i have a million buckles now LOL they wouldn't sell me just the strap until this year! what size r u? i saw one strap with brown at a reseller with no buckle, it was listed for almost nothing.
  10. I'm looking for a chocolate/black size 90.
  11. can we get croc straps? :graucho: (even though it would be through the roof and you might as well get the set.)
  12. UPDATE:
    I called the Frankfurt store today, where they told me a new version: They can't order straps but they sell "leftovers" without a buckle at the end of the season. They couln't tell me the exact price but said it should be between 270 and 290€.
  13. That doesn't seem far off what the retail price is for a new belt? I'm not entirely sure since i don't live in Europe?
  14. I paid 360€ in March 06, a single buckle was 220€ then. But why should I buy I second belt with buckle? The only buckle that I like (polished gold) I own already.

    Well if anybody needs an extra buckle, we might find a way together. Let me know.
  15. Another update:

    Today I've got a call from the Frankfurt boutique. They've got a strap for me, size and color as I wanted it, pretty fast, hugh? They'll ship it to me.

    253€ incl. 19% VAT