Replacement Piping Costs

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  1. Hello everyone

    Long time no speak (I'm obviously far too busy working and not busy enough buying Mulberry bags!!) :nono:

    Does anyone know how much Mulberry charge to replace the piping on a Bayswater?
  2. I think I remember hearing it was around £90, but I could be wrong.....anyone??
  3. DoubleDutch had it done recently.
  4. Poor thing - I wonder if it hurt :nuts:
  5. Slow- you are felling better!!! Corries had better watch out

  6. :lolots::roflmfao::lolots: Well, what can I say... Being a mum of four, it was worth it!

  7. Hi! I was very fortunate...Mulberry repaired my Bays free of charge :yahoo:. I still don't know why but I didn't ask :nuts:. Did sent a BIG thank you to the lovely Kate Peters. I believe it's 80 Pounds and I was more than ready to pay for restoring my darwin Bays to it's former glory.
  8. A little while ago, I was paying for something at the till at Shepton Mallet and someone else was paying for her piping. It was £95 - maybe a year ago.
  9. Thanks everyone. Sounds about what I was expecting!