Replacement parts for Michael Kors bag?


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Jul 21, 2009
I have a lovely Michael Kors Rehearsal large drawstring satchel. The hardware that holds the strap to the bag fell off and I wasn't able to find the pin and the one end. The hardware looks like a chrome barrel that attaches to the purse and a rectangluar piece that attaches to the handle. I thought it was no big deal and contacted customer service to see if I could purchase a replacement piece (for my $1595.00 bag). They said to take it back to the store where I purchased it, which is 4 hours away. To make a long story short, I can't find the receipt and all I want is to be able to purchase the missing piece, I don't want a fresh bag. :pout: Any ideas?


Dec 14, 2007
Alexandria, VA
I am not surprised to hear that they don't keep pieces of hardware around. Most bag hardware is not made to assemble yourself and I am sure they would like to see if it is defective. Did you ask if you could send it in for repair instead?