Replacement Key for lock

  1. Does anyone know how much it is to get new keys for a lock ? I bought a epi speedy on eBay- it came with the lock attached but no keys. Thanks
  2. It's free! just go to the store and ask for the key. You don't need to bring the bag just look at the number under the lock.
  3. MiroirPrincess- thanks- wow free:yahoo: the nearest boutique is about an hour away- I'll have to work in a visit next week.
  4. ooo i need to do this too since the same thing happened to me, lock on the bag but no key
  5. do you think you could call 866 if you need a key? The closest LV store to me is in Dallas, and thats like 6 hours away.
  6. Really? I always thought you had to get a new lock? That's what they did for me....they gave to me for free, but I have also seen them charge $25
  7. what lock # do you have ?
  8. oooh, i need a key for my lock too. I have #318, would anyone happen to have an extra key laying around?
  9. Just go to your local Louis Vuitton boutique and they'll give you a replacement key free of charge.
  10. mine is an 301
  11. realli~~ key for free? Thats nice!
  12. Yeah, it's free. Just need the lock number! Haa, about the only thing LV gives free.
  13. Hhmmmm ..... I didnt know that :yes:
  14. what happen if you actually lost both the lock and the key? Anyone know how much they charge? Thanks
  15. Around $25.