replacement hangtags?

  1. do they replace hangtags for ANY bag (assuming they have it), regardless of where you bought it?
    i was looking at the other baby bags on ebay and they all have two hangtags- but mine, from the outlet, doesn't. nor does my ipod case. the sa at the store mentioned calling them and asking, but she wasn't sure if they would.
    will they replace these? or is it a "you only get one" kind of deal?
    thanks. :smile:
  2. Yes. I just aks them for a replacement for Coach Style #xxxx, with brass hardware or whatever. If it is an older bag, I tell them it is an older Willis Bag or whatever. Don't tell them where you got it from.
  3. Same for me - I have had replacement hangtags sent to me a few times free of charge.
  4. i just didn't know if they had, you can only get one or something. because 2 are missing from my bag...
    and no one is answering...they off today?
  5. No guidelines. Just shoot them an e-mail. It may take up to 2 weeks to get them. You should get a reply back from your e-mail. It may take a few hours.
  6. i didn't think to email them. i was trying to call.