Replacement hang tag?

  1. I have heard that you can get replacement hang tags from a Coach store or by e-mailing Coach. Has anyone ever done this?

  2. Several people on here have done this. Just call their 1-800 #.
  3. yup, just give them a call!
  4. Yup I did it about 3 weeks ago, I'm still waiting for it but requesting a new one was easy no questions asked
  5. Does it matter if it's an outlet bag? I think my little niece ran off with one of mine and who knows where it went! Watch, we'll find it in a few weeks hanging off her little purse!
  6. thats too cute.

    i need to get a replacement one for a wristlet that i bought at tjmaxx that didnt come with the tag and i am hoping that i get a replacement!
  7. Does this apply internationally or only for US?
  8. ^not sure. you can always call and ask!
  9. Thanks... Just called them, they just said no. :crybaby: Wish I'm in US..! The Coach over here is so not helpful at all! :push:
  10. Does it cost anything?? Im looking at a few bags on eBay that are missing the tag, its really makign me not want to buy. BUT...if I can get one from coach...for cheap..or better yet, NOTHING. That would be great lol.
  11. I bought a legacy shoulder bag at the outlet on the it home, realized it was missing the hangtag, called up coach and requested one. Was told 2-3 weeks...still waiting...but, honestly, it not being there on the bag only bothered me the first few I barely notice it's not there.
  12. Nope - they send it to you for free :yes: - just give them a call and have the style # and color ready.

    I did that for my whiskey shoulder bag and it came in about 3 weeks!
  13. I have a question relating to this. I have a bag that's a couple of years old now. Does Coach have replacement hangtags for older bags?
  14. Yes, they usually do. And, if they don't, they can send one that at least compliments your bag.
  15. Yes I called and requested a hangtag for an older outlet bag and it's coming!
    Soon I hope, lol. Tomorrow is week number 3. But they did tell me that it would take 2-4 weeks. The person on the phone was so friendly I was this close to ordering extra hangtags that I didn't even need.