Replacement for OLD Clinique Blush

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  1. I haven't bought a new powder blush since about 2004/2005, and even that was really my first true blush. It was Clinique - Sheer Powder Blush 21 Silk Bronze and I used it over and over again; I still use it once in a while, but there's barely anything left.

    I bought a cream blush, which I like, but don't want to use for everyday.
    I was looking at Nars and I can't figure out (at least without going into Sephora) what a good replacement would be.

    Anyone have any recommendations for a close replacement for the Clinique Silk Bronze blush? Thanks!
  2. ^I was gonna say, did you look for the old blush on ebay or such online site?
  3. ask the ladies on makeupalley - a makeup forum. i've been a member there for years, and those ladies know their stuff when it comes to makeup!