Replacement for Kooba Meredith?

  1. I had my heart set on a Slate Meredith as a slightly business-y little bit dressier more grown up purse, but now that I've started having problems with my other light Koobas changing color and seen other people have to return this bag for color change (and the potential for return really limits where I can buy it to, essentially, Nordstrom, which limits somewhat the sale prices I'll find), I don't think I should get one - nor anything else by Kooba, actually. (The "we won't help you, you have to go to the original retailer" is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth - and on $600 handbags!)

    So, what else would you all recommend? I love that color, and I need something fairly big. I had my hands on an Ava but it was dark brown, and I really preferred the slate to the Mocha.