Replacement bucket straps

  1. Ok, does anyboy know if I can get replacement straps for my bucket? My poor poor bucket had an encounter with my 16 month old while I was out last night and well, the straps are pretty much ruined. I'd post pics but I'm just too dissapointed about it!
  2. Hm.. Im not sure if you can find replacement handles, but I do know that you can have the handles and vachetta replaced if you bring it to a an LV boutique.
  3. Oohh...those can be pricey. When I was doing an eBay search, one seller had receipts of the straps...they're $199 each! I'm not sure if these prices vary, but it makes me uncomfortable. :push:
  4. Ouch! That's a lot. I just don't want to replace my bucket totally, it's already a replacement for a petit bucket that was ruined by floodwaters.
  5. Wow, that does seem like alot!

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  6. Rather than having all of the leather redone, is it possible to just buy new straps? If yes, the question then of course is how to patina them quickly so that they match the rest of the leather. Thanks.
  7. hmmm i dnk im not sure about that come you dont want to have all the leather redone?
  8. The rest of the leather is in good shape so I thought I might be able to save some money (and that way I wouldn't have to send it in). I wanted to know what my options are but I was sort of expecting the answer to be no. Thanks.
  9. yes, you can get just new straps. I think it's around $90 each (I could be wrong, this was price for the damier bucket)
  10. yes you can have the straps only replaced. It may take a awhile for it to patina so i suggest doing the whole purse.
  11. Even if you can get the straps to darken, the whole entire purse will as well. I had a quote done for my petit bucket a year ago and was told about 500.00. I haven't done it yet. Still thinking about it
  12. I got my whole Bucket GM done a couple of months ago and it only cost me 220 Euros (I live in Greece now and they sent it to Paris) which is probably about $320 or so *depending on exchange rate* - I posted a thread about it so you can see before and after - it really is worth it!!!
  13. Dee, you couldn't find it for cheaper than that in the US huh? You know what I was thinking - I wonder if you could call a store in Europe and mail it to them?