replaced my wallet with THESE! *pictures!*

  1. I was getting a wee bit sick of my Multi-Function Wallet. It was too plain for my liking and a bit too "structured" for me, if you can even imagine. I wanted something that was colorful and FUN!

    I decided on these two items :graucho:

    Holiday Patchwork Wristlet and Tattersall Pouch! The wristlet is HUGE! I put all of my cards and receipts in there. Cash and cards go in the pouch.



    I love them both! I bought them on Sunday, but I had to wait for the Tattersall Pouch to come in the mail, and it finally showed up this afternoon :yahoo:
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! CONGRATS on such great choices!!!! EnJOY!!!!
  3. Yowza!! You have some HOT goodies there! Now thats what I call a wallet replacement. Enjoy!!!:tup:
  4. OH great choices!!!!!! Rock and Roll!
  5. Too cute!! Very festive and fun!:tup:
  6. I love that tattersall! Great purchases
  7. great idea :smile:
  8. Those are cuteys! Congrats!
  9. I really like those! I considered getting the tattersall coin purse myself but decided I was scared I'd get it dirty too easily! It's so cute!
  10. My coin purse is chocolate signature, but I use the same conbination!

  11. Very cute..I especially love the little coin purse!
  12. I like it! I have a wristlet too and I love it. I don't change it for any wallet!
  13. I LOVE this wristlet (especially the velvet patches) and the key pouch. Do you know if there is anything to treat the key pouch so it won't get dirty? Like Scotch-Guard or something?
  14. I love the coin purse too! I have been using my wristlets as wallet replacements lately b/c it is so nice to grab them when I am in a hurry!
  15. Those are both such great choices! I love the tattersall print!