Replace Vachetta on my Neverfull mm worth it?

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  1. Need some help. I was quoted CDN$600 to replace all the vachetta on my Neverfull mm which I purchased 6 years ago. I love that bag and the canvas is in excellent condition. A new Neverfull mm retails for $1,610 plus 13% tax. Should I repair or replace the bag? $600 for vachetta seems like a lot as it not that much leather on this bag.
  2. Is it all damaged? I would perhaps replace the parts that are damaged but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much to replace the leather. Maybe consider selling your current bag and use the funds to purchase another one?
  3. The vachetta is starting to flake a bit and its heavily stained dark on the shoulders. I've tried cleaning it with LMB but still not too good. The only reason I'm unsure about buying a new one is because my current one has the thicker canvas and it seems more durable.
  4. I would replace the vachetta! It will be like having a brand new bag for $1000 less. Sounds like good value to me, especially since your older canvas is more desirable than what would be on a new bag. Old canvas + new vachetta = perfect bag that you will be able to enjoy for many more years to come.
  5. You're right. I love my old canvas.
  6. I agree. An older bag with thicker canvas, already broken in + new vachetta = amazing bag!
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  7. Another vote to replace vachetta since you said your canvas is thicker. I think I'd only sell and buy new if you wanted an interior color other than the classic beige and the Pochette that comes with the new model. If that doesn't appeal to you than for sure pay the $$$ and make her look new again
  8. Normally I'd be against replacing all of the vachetta (the cost is usually not worth it) but in this case it's a great idea; your NF is the OM with the thicker canvas and there's a $1000 difference between having the bag repaired and buying brand new.
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  9. I vote yes!
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  10. i did change the vachette on my neverfull every 4 years. it makes the bag so well to go for several years more :smile:

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  11. Post before and after pictures, please! :smile:
  12. Depending on the condition, personally I would try to sell it first. There is the Kijiji website which I see people selling preloved Neverfulls ranging from like 1000 - 1200.
  13. I won't do it this year, but for sure next year. The canvas is in excellent condition, so it's a lot cheaper than replacing the whole bag.
  14. dyed LV noe.jpg
    that's insane…$ 600 ?? I'd have it dyed! Much cheaper, and probably nicer than its current state!
    Maybe the leather trim on this Noe will give you an idea of what the trim on the NF could look like….
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  15. +1