Replace Speedy or just vachetta?

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  1. Hi!

    I'm wondering if I should replace my mono Speedy 25 with another, or just replace the vachetta. I've had & loved mine for quite a while - I purchased it new back when it was $380. It's in good condition, and has developed a nice patina, and while it admittedly could be in better shape, I've used it almost every day for the past 5 or so years.

    Today my SO held my bag for a few minutes while I put on my shoes. Unbeknownst to me, he also had keys in his hand. When I got my bag back, I felt and saw 6 grooves cut into the handle! :cursing: They're fairly deep, you can see the lighter color leather beneath.

    He very nicely immediately said to get another, but I am attached to this bag, it was my first big purchase, and equally important, they are now $695. I've read that replacing all the vachetta is $475? I wouldn't just change the handles, it wouldn't match the rest of the bag.
    Apologies if this has been covered already or if this post is a little long, I'm a newbie. :wlae:

    Just curious, does DH stand for darling/dear husband?
    Lastly, this is an excellent forum; everyone's so friendly & informative. I'm very glad I stumbled across it :love:
  2. Ive had this conversation with my SA before too. It all depends how much the bag cost in the first place. About your bag, IMO, I would just buy a new one since it costs that much to replace everything.
  3. thanks! I've gotten over the intial anger of the scuffed handles. I can use this for a while longer, and replace it in the future (before another increase ;)). Can't wait for honey brown vachetta!
  4. Hey clop sorry about your bag...IMO you should buy a new should let her go in dignity...(that sounded serious)
    Maybe it's time you get a yourself a new bag even a different one to attach to and make it part of your life...
    And believe me I am bonded with my things as well...
    Good luck
  5. Another person on the forum replaced all the vachetta and it was only about 300$ I would do that rather then replace the entire bag,
  6. lol once I attach to something, it's difficult to let go... I end up buying multiples of the same. The speedy is the only mono I have, the others are epi. Hmm maybe a epi speedy? I do love the iconic look of the mono speedy - matches everything. Thanks for the suggestion, I really should branch out. :shame:
  7. Buy a new bag. DH mean dear husband. Either that or damn husband depending on your mood.
  8. that's too bad about your speedy's handles. sometimes people don't think, at all, when handling valuable/important items. i'd get a new speedy when the time is right.
  9. thanks again for your opinions, appreciate it!
  10. I would buy a new one and maybe use the old one for occasions I wouldn't use the new one.
  11. Keep the old but buy a new one. You could use the old one on rainy days etc.
  12. thanks, those are excellent suggestions, just what I was thinking. This way I can relax about rain & sweaty palms :smile:
  13. Exactly !

    Do you happen to have pictures of the notches in the leather ? Those are some sharp keys !
  14. Can you post pictures of your Speedy?

    I would kill to see the patina on that Speedy!

    I suggest getting a brand new one! I cant justify spending 300-400 on a 600 dollar bag!
  15. I would just buy a new one. ^^^ITA Sophia. A 400$ reapair on a 600$ bag is a lil frivelous.